Odisha BJP demands NIA probe into Maoist- BJD nexus

Reported by Chinmaya Dehury
Bhubaneswar, July 24:

Smelling a ‘nexus’ between Maoists and the leaders-including some ministers- of the ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD), the BJP today demanded that the investigation into the circumstances leading to the arrest of the wanted Maoist leader Sabyasachi Panda as well his interroragtion be entrusted to a Central agency.

KV Singhdeo, President BJP, Odisha
KV Singhdeo, President BJP, Odisha

“The Odisha police will not take the investigation process of Sabyasachi to logical end since there is involvement of several ruling party leaders. They will only try to shield them that’s why the interrogation process was stopped to make sure Panda’s lawyer does not spill the beans about the quid pro quo between the Maoists and the BJD leaders. It is only a central agency like the National Investigation Agency (NIA) can unravel the whole truth,” said BJP president KV Singhdeo at a press conference here.

He said some builders and contractors have links with the Maoists, who were being funded by them to unleash a reign of terror in many parts of the state.

Singdeo said that he would write  to the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on behalf of the state BJP, urging him to consider getting the matter inquired by a central agency such as the NIA.

“Even though Sabyasachi’s crimes were limited within the state border, he had kidnapped foreign tourists and killed Swami Laxamananada Saraswati in Kandhamal resulting in riots. Both these events had drawn international attention. So, it is a fit case to be probed by a national agency,” said the state BJP president.

Unsure about the efficiency and abilities of police administration to nab the top Maoist leader of Odisha Maoist on their own, he raised doubts over whether Panda was arrested or it was a case of simple surrender.

“It seems to have been a stage managed drama. Panda was not arrested on the date as the police claimed to have arrested. The media has also reported about this. It was an attempt to divert attention of people from the scams which had put the government in a tight corner in the Assembly, a tactic it has been using since 2009 sucessfully,” said Singhdeo.

“First a snake which was spotted in the House rescued the ruling party. Then, IAS Vineel Krishna was abducted and then it was the abduction of two Italians. Now, Sabyasachi Panda was arrested. All these things happened only during the Assembly session. What does it prove ? The government has a direct link with the Maoists and is fallling back on them to divert attention of people from the core issues as and when it is in trouble,” the state BJP president said.

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