Odisha celebrates Chhena Poda Dibasa with delight

Bhubaneswar: Chhena Poda Dibasa is being celebrated across Odisha today with people relishing the delicious cheese dessert.

People from all walks of life organized programmes and savoured Chhena Poda made from well-kneaded cottage cheese.

Worth mentioning, Chhena Poda Dibasa is celebrated as a tribute to late Sudarshan Sahu of Nayagarh, who is considered as inventor of the sweetmeat.

Sudarshan was born on 11th April 1931. Along with his father Bidyadhar Sahu, he came up with the recipe of this great Odia delicacy, accidentally. Known for its typical lingering taste of burnt cheese, Chhena Poda was invented by him while experimenting with leftover cottage cheese.

The district administration in Nayagarh has decided to celebrate ‘Bishwa Chhena Poda Diwas’ on April 11.

Nayagarh Collector Rabindra Nath Sahu has written to all the government offices in the district to celebrate ‘Bishwa Chhena Poda Diwas’ on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Sudarsan Sahoo.

Notably, the Nayagarh district administration has also applied for GI tag to Chhena Poda.

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