Odisha cop draws praise for ensuring implementation of lockdown amid bad weather

Nabarangpur: Nitin Kulsekar, the Nabarangpur SP has set an example for many cops by performing his duties to ensure the 21-day nationwide lockdown measures are implemented in the district in letter and spirit. Undeterred by heavy rain in Nabarangpur, the SP kept an eye on the movement of motorcyclists violating the lockdown rules at different check points.

Photos of Kulsekar holding an umbrella in the incessant rain and monitoring the lockdown violators along with his colleagues at check points at Mangalam Timbers Chhak and near Nabarangpur police station have gone viral on social media.

People from all walks of life praised the dedication and sincerity of the Nabarangpur SP.

A local said at a time when the deadly COVID-19 has gripped nations and India has implemented the lockdown to prevent the virus spread, the decision of the SP to frisk vehicles and catch the violators himself in such rain is laudable.

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