Odisha: COVID-19 quarantine list viral on social media

Bhubaneswar: Breaching privacy of persons with foreign travel history suspected to have been infected with COVID-19, a list of individuals  reportedly put under quarantine to prevent spread of the deadly virus has gone viral on social media.

Following leakage of credentials of quarantined persons on social media platform, a person has lodged a complaint with police in this regard.

Speaking to Sambad English, the complainant said that he had registered himself on COVID-19 web portal of Odisha as part of precautionary measure despite having returned to the state before March 4 this year.

“I am hypertensive and the frequent calls from anonymous callers has disturbed me to a great extent. This is breach of privacy. How come people got hands on the database which is supposed to be confidential,” the aggrieved person said.

Few days before, Sambad Group Executive Director Tanaya Patnaik expressed her displeasure over the privacy breach.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote:

The list shows that total 103 persons have registered themselves on the portal after the state government made the registration mandatory for the foreign returnees to curb COVID-19.

Though the source of the list is yet to be known, the list which has gone viral now has put many a people at risk.

“Unscrupulous elements are dialling 104 helpline and complaining that a COVID-19 suspect is roaming outside. I had tested negative, despite this I put myself under self quarantine so as to ward off the risk. The officials are in touch with me and I am absolutely fine. The amount of calls I am getting has heightened my agony. This calls for action against the mischievous elements,” he demanded.

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