Odisha COVID-19 survivors stress on patience, positive spirit for recovery

Kendrapara/Bhubaneswar: Grit and patience hold the key to triumph over the deadly COVID-19, say survivors of the disease in Odisha, one of whom is a plucky 17-year-old girl.

The survivors say endurance and positive spirit are necessary to recover from the disease.

“I have successfully fought a tough battle at a young age. I was fraught with fear initially. However, the nursing staff at the hospital was very supportive and caring. My fear faded away soon,” the girl, who hails Rajnagar area of Kendrapara district, said.

“I used to speak to my father over the phone from the hospital bed several times every day. I never gave him the impression that I was ill. His soothing words toughened me mentally,” the girl, who was discharged from the medical establishment in April, said on Friday.

A similar experience was shared by a 19-year-old college dropout from nondescript Beheraguda village in Golamunda block of Kalahandi district, who contracted the disease while playing a cricket match.

“I have defeated novel coronavirus. I am thankful to the doctors and health personnel at the COVID-19 hospital in Cuttack. The disease can be conquered by everyone. One has to stay at home and maintain social distancing during outdoor movement to keep COVID-19 at bay. I was infected with the disease as I had violated these norms,” he said.

“I along with other village youths had taken part in a cricket match in which the wicketkeeper was afflicted with COVID-19 and we were unaware of it,” he recounted.

Elaborating on his experience after testing positive for COVID-19, he said, “I had broken down after my nasal swabs tested positive and I was shifted to the COVID-19 hospital. More than my health, I was perturbed for my widowed mother and elder brother.

“I could not get proper sleep in the COVID-19 hospital as my world appeared to have fallen apart. But the soothing words of two nurses who looked after me had a healing effect and instilled self-confidence in me. I regained my composure,” he said.

The youth said the two nurses had treated him like their younger brother and he inculcated a positive frame of mind during his fortnight-long stay in the hospital. When he was discharged, the hospital staff gave him a warm send off.

He is currently home quarantined and people in his village are scared of contracting the disease from him.

“By God”s grace, my mother and elder brother have tested negative for the disease,” the youth said.

More tales of courage and patience of COVID-19 survivors and the care showered on them by health workers are unfolding in the state.

A 71-year-old man from Kapilaprasad locality in the outskirts of Bhubaneswar waged a 17-day-long battle against the dreaded disease and emerged victorious.

The man said he was even put on ventilator upon his admission to the COVID-19 hospital in Cuttack in April. But he steadily recovered and was discharged from the medical establishment after testing negative for the disease thrice during his stay there.

The doctors and health workers were his source of motivation, the elderly person said.

“Do not get scared. Stay healthy and stay at home. Anybody found symptomatic needs to consult a doctor immediately and call the 104 helpline.

“COVID-19 is a serious and deadly virus so take your precaution. Don”t panic. Coronavirus can be conquered. I have done it. The only thing that one needs is to have patience,” he said.


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