Odisha: e-police station to come up under Twin City Police Commissionerate

Bhubaneswar: Soon, an e-police station is likely to come up under the Twin City Police Commissionerate. This was informed by Police Commissioner Sudhansu Sarangi today during the #AskYourCP programme on Twitter and Facebook.

The e-police station will deal with mobile phone and vehicle theft cases. Instead of visiting a police station physically, complainants can register their cases online with the help of an ID, password and mobile number.

In reply to another query, Sarangi said there are 220 spots in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack where motorists are driving in wrong way. Of them 38 spots have been identified as very dangerous. He added the Commissionerate Police has collected 50% of fines for wrong way driving only.

On steps taken for women safety, the Police Commissioner said special volunteers will be recruited for Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. The volunteers will get police training and power equivalent to cops, he informed.

During the #AskYourCP programme, the Police Commissioner answered to 300 questions. While people asked 16 questions on women safety, 77 queries were on traffic system. Seven questions were on work efficiency and professionalism of police. The CP replied to 15 questions on police stations and seven on human resources. Four persons asked on the safety of senior citizens in the twin cities.

“Personally I am against the salute tradition in the police. Instead of salute, police personnel can greet each other with a ‘namaskar’, good morning , good night or welcome. If someone can talk, what is need for to salute the higher-ups. This tradition has been going on since British days,” said the CP.

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