Odisha film body urges PM for display of Odia films in national film museum

Bhubaneswar: Expressing displeasure over non-display of Odia films in the recently inaugurated India’s first National Museum of Indian Cinema (NMIC) in Mumbai, Odisha Film Development Corporation (OFDC), a State government-owned agency for promotion of Odia films, today urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking his intervention for showcase of Odia films in the museum.

The OFDC, on behalf of the Odia film industry and cine lovers in the State, shot off a letter (a copy of which is in possession of Odisha Sun Times) to the PM demanding inclusion of award-winning Odia films and information about eminent Odia filmmakers in the film museum, informed OFDC Chairman Satyabrata Tripathy.

In the letter, Tripathy wrote: “Odia film industry has completed 82 years in its journey and produced many national and international award-winning movies and brought glory to the State during this period. Many notable film personalities have been awarded with the state, national and international awards and the State has played a key role in the country.”

Some popular and acclaimed films such as Sita Rati, Dhare Aalua, Klanta Aparanha, Maya Miriga, Majhi Pahacha, Mokhya, Ahalya, Sunyo Swaroop, Indradhanura Chhai, Magunira Sagada, Aa Akare Aa, Kathantara, Jianta Bhuta, Adima Bichara, Hello Arsi, Bhuka and Jianta Bhuta have not only made a mark in the Indian cinema panorama, but also bagged national awards for the state, Tripathy mentioned.

Furthermore, many renowned Odia film personalities such as Bijaya Jena, Parbati Ghosh, Manmohan Moharapta, Nirod Mohapatra, Raj Gopal Mishra, Srinivas Mohapatra, Bijaya Jena, Udaya Shankar Pani, Jitendra Mishra, Subash Sahoo, among others were nominated to the state and national jury committees such as Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), Indian Oscar Entry and various film festival jury committees for their noteworthy achievement in Indian cinema, it added.

Bollywood Odia Association (BOA), a welfare body of Odia people working in Hindi film industry, has also demanded inclusion of Odia films in the film museum. “Odia film industry is one of the oldest film industries in the country and, therefore, our films and film personalities should be featured in the film museum,” said BOA Secretary Sanjay Mahakud.

It may be recalled here that PM Modi had inaugurated the NMIC on January 19, which hosts collectibles, posters, film-making tools and recordings of 21 states that trace the evolution of Indian cinema and pays tribute to iconic movie personalities.

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