Odisha Frozit unveils Frozit Franchise Model; launches Farrm B Products

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Frozit on Wednesday organized a special event ‘Frozit meet the press-22’. In the event, it unveiled its latest Frozit Franchise Model and launched Farrm B Products.

Odisha Frozit is a sister wing of the leading spice company of Odisha ‘Ruchi Foodline’. It has been taking the new initiatives since last 10 years. During the last couple of years of Covid-19, it has started new milestones by diversifying its business model. That reflection of Frozit business Model is “Frozit Meet the Press-22”.

The event was inaugurated by Dr. Sarat Kumar Sahoo, founder and MD of Ruchi Foodline, under the chairmanship of Rashmi Sahoo, Director, RuchiFoodline and Founder of Odisha’s first Frozen food [ Ready to EAT] company.  Sangita Sahoo and  Arbind Sahoo, Directors of Ruchi Foodline were theguests of honor on the occasion.

The programme started with a documentary on Frozit’s journey. Rashmi Sahoo gave the inaugural speech.

“All customers have immensely supported Frozit during its decade-old journey.  From 2012 to 2022, Frozit has been trying its best to produce premium, healthy, ready to eat , ready to cook, fresh bakery  and beverages and millions of food lovers are satisfied with the quality and taste,” she said.


Following the speech, she unveiled an exclusive Frozit Franchise Model for the upcoming young businessmen on Frozit platform, so they could make a sustainable career by investing minimum budget.

Later, at the event, Dr. Sarat Ku Sahoo and Sangita Sahoo launched the ‘Farrm B products’. Among the newly launched products were oats, museli, corn flakes and choco chips.

Also, a special online platform E-commerce of Frozit was unveiled by Arbind Sahoo, Director of Ruchi.

“This platform will help all our customers to easily purchase products from their respective homes as, the pandemic has taught us that online is the safest solution to purchase products,” he said.

Later, Rashmi Sahoo expressed her gratitude to all loyal customers of Frozit .  “Frozit Franchise Model, E-commerce platform, Farrm B products will create a benchmark, and Frozit will continue to develop new models and products down the line,” she added.

The event was hosted by anchors Mansi and Ullash. Jyotepreet narrated the objectives of all platforms. On behalf of the team of Frozit, Shila Das, Production Manager , Adyasha Pattnaik, Deputy Manager, Srikant Mohapatra , Senior Manger (Accounts and Finance) , Debasmita Mishra and  Sagnika Mohapatra ,PRO, were present at the event that was conceptualized and managed by White Canvas Events.


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