Odisha girls pep up their looks with cosmetic tattooing

Bhubaneswar: How about waking up every morning like a diva with the make-up on? Not having to waste time on getting ready or cribbing about an imperfect eyeliner? How about lips that never lose the shine? Introduced for the first time in Odisha, cosmetic make-up promises these and more!

The city denizens got a feel of it at the ongoing tattoo event ‘For a cause’, aimed at promoting and creating awareness about the body art.

Om Acharya, owner of Skivas that is organising the event, said, “It is a cosmetic technique in which designs resembling make-up is created on the skin through tattooing.”

Commonly known as permanent cosmetics, dermapigmentation, micro pigmentation, and cosmetic tattooing, it includes the creation of artificial eyebrows, disguising scars and white spots, enhancing skin colour of the face, lips, eyelids and areola.

The event began on December 17 and has guest tattoo artists Debanjali Das from Kolkata, Bhuvnesh Soni from Rajasthan, and Raghu Artrix from the house of Sculp Tattoos in Bangalore. Tattoo enthusiasts from the city got inked by these creative artists including Odisha’s cine star Meghna Mishra. Some of them got permanent makeup done, too.

Describing her experience, tattoo artists Debanjali Das said, “Bhubaneswar people have been really warm. I never knew there are so many tattoo enthusiasts here and it’s so amazing to see people opening up about their bodies and art.”

Bangalore artist, Raghu said, “I specifically do micro blading in which the eyebrow area is tattooed so as to give them a makeup look. It’s difficult as we have to keep the look real.”

Here is a video posted by Skivas on their Facebook page of micro blading.

Good platform for people who understand and appreciate body art. People interested for micro blading and cosmetic TATTOOS also can drop in.

Posted by Om Acharya on Sunday, 17 December 2017

Among the many clients who got permanent makeup done, Monalisa Barik seemed very excited. “There’s a lot of gap in between my eyebrows, so I want to get a cosmetic tattoo to bridge the gap. I can’t wait to see the final result. Except for the pain, I loved every bit of the experience,” she said.

While permanent make-up surely excites the youngsters, tattoo artists have also warned them against going for it unless sure of carrying it forever.

Tattoo artist Debanjali also shared some tips, “Make sure you do not use soap in areas you’ve got inked. Wash it properly as per your artist’s instructions and it’s important to maintain hygiene. Always prefer a professional for cosmetic tattooing or it can be disastrous.”

In addition to this, exposure to direct sunlight and insisting for sterilized needles are the basic things one must adhere to.

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