Odisha Govt stops salary of 223 college principals, clerks; here’s why

Bhubaneswar: Taking stringent action against college principals for negligence in discharging government duty, the Higher Education Department stopped the salary of principals and other staff of 223 colleges in several districts.

As per a letter issued by the Higher Education Department dated May 26, 2023, the principals of 223 colleges failed to furnish the required information in response to the letters of Assistant Director even after repeated reminders.

“It shows gross negligence in discharging government duty on your part along with failure to carry out instructions of authorities of Higher Education Department,” the letter read.

The department directed not to draw and release the salary/remuneration for the month of May 2023 of the defaulting principal and head clerk/clerk of 223 colleges for such negligence till compliance to the above letters of Assistant Director of Higher Education Department is made and clearance given from the department authorities.

The list of defaulter college as follows:  

District College
Angul 1.       Anchalika Degree College, Talmul

2.       Kashi Biswanath Junior Mahavidyalaya, Paikashi

3.       Nilakantheswar Degree College, South Balanda

4.       Pabitra Mohan Memorial Degree College, Rengali

5.       Panchagarh Samanta Singh Jagadev Degree College

Balasore 6.       Agani Naredra Junior College, Antara

7.       Baba Panchalingeswar Degree College, Santragadia

8.       Balangi Degree College, Sunahat

9.       Gopaprana Junior College

10.   Judhisthir Junior College, Kundali

11.   Nilagiri Women’s Degree College

12.   Oupada Degree College

13.   Satyanidhi Women’s Junior College, Bishnupur

14.   Sitala Thakurani Junior College,Khuluda

15.   Sri Jagannath Education Foundation Junior College, Barunsingh

16.   Talanagar Junior College

17.   UGC Junior College, Bartana

Bargarh 18.   Anchalika Junior Mahavidyalaya, Resham

19.   Buddhadev Meher Junior College, Dahita

20.   Deva Junior College

21.   Jamla Junior College

22.   Kamagaon Junior College

23.   Katapali Degree College

24.   Lakhamara Junior College

25.   Milita Gram Panchayat Junior College

26.   Panchayat +2 College, Gaudgaon

27.   Panchayat Junior College, Talapadar

28.   Panchayat Samiti Degree College

29.   Prof. Ghanashyam Das Gramanchal Junior College, Katapali

30.   Satlama Junior College

31.   Talapali Junior College

32.   Tora Junior College

33.   Trust Fund Degree College

34.   Vindhya Vasini Junior College

Bhadrak 35.   Bhandaripokhari Junior College
Balangir 36.   Amar Jyoti Junior College

37.   Gram Panchayat Junior College, Tentulikhunti

38.   Jalandhar Junior College

39.   Jawaharlal Nehru Junior College

40.   MLA Junior Women’s College

41.   Mahimunda Degree College

42.   Padmalochan Junior College

43.   Pallishree Junior College

44.   Panchayat Junior College, Ghumsar

45.   Panchayat Junior College, Lathor

46.   Panchayat Junior College, Sulekela

47.   Panchayat Samiti Junior College, Muribahal

48.   Panchayat Samiti Degree College,Bangomunda

49.   Panchayat Samiti Degree College, Ghasian

50.   Panchayat Samiti Degree College, Muribahal

51.   Panchayat Samiti Degree Mahavidyalaya, Deogaon

52.   Pateneswari Women’s Degree College

53.   Pateneswari Women’s Junior College

54.   Prasanna Pal Junior College

55.   Radheshyam Anchalika Junior College

56.   Rajendra Meher Junior College

57.   Sri Jagannath Dev Junior Mahavidyalaya

58.   Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das Junior College

Boudh 59.   Maa Maheswari +2 College
Cuttack 60.   Ananta Balia Junior College

61.   Ansupa Degree College

62.   Bahugram Degree College

63.   Baideswar Junior Mahavidyalaya

64.   Balavi Devi Mahila Degree Mahavidyalaya

65.   Balavi Devi Mahila Junior Mahavidyalaya

66.   Biswanahakani Junior College

67.   Dampara Anchalika Junior Mahavidyalaya

68.   Dr. Keshab Ch.  Sahoo Women’s Junior College

69.   Gokhale Ideal Junior College

70.   Gopabandhu Women’s Degree College

71.   Govindapur Degree College

72.   Kakhadi Junior College

73.   Kalapathar Dhalapathar Degree College

74.   Govindapur Higher Secondary School

75.   Kalinga Women’s Junior College

76.   Kusum Devi Satasangha Women’s Degree College

77.   Lakheswar Women’s Junior College

78.   Mahanadivihar Women’s Degree College

79.   Maniabandha Junior College

80.   Rani Sukadei Mahila Junior Mahavidyalaya

81.   Rani Sukadei Mahila Degree College

82.   SSSDA Junior College of Arts & Tech.

83.   Sudarshan Degree Mahavidyalaya, 42 Mouza

Deogarh 84.   Ekalabya Panchayat Samiti Degree College

85.   Panchayat Samiti Junior College, Suguda

86.   Reamal Degree College

Dhenkanal 87.   Anchalika Mahavidyalaya, Dhenkanal

88.   Anchalika Panchayat Junior Mahavidyalaya

89.   Astasambhu Higher Secondary School, Kualo

90.   Barihapur Junior Mahavidyalaya

91.   Bhubana Women’s Degree College

92.   Bhubana Women’s Junior College

93.   Debendra Satpathy Memorial Degree College

94.   Dhenkanal Evening Degree College

95.   Garhpalasuni Degree College

96.   Mahavirod Degree College

97.   Panchayat Junior College of Science and Tech.

98.   Sridhar Swami College of Education & Tech.

99.   Women’s Junior College, Kamakshyanagar

Gajapati 100.                        Binodini Science Junior College

101.                        Hilltop +2 Junior College

102.                        Mahendra Tanaya Junior College

103.                        Women’s Degree College, Paralakhemundi

Ganjam 104.                        Anata Narayan Junior Mahavidylaya

105.                        Anchalika Science Junior College

106.                        Belaguntha Science Junior College

107.                        Belaguntha Science Degree College

108.                        Belaguntha Women’s Science Junior College

109.                        Biju Patnaik Women’s Degree College

110.                        Chhatrapur Junior Women’s College

111.                        Decan Junior College

112.                        Huma Salt Junior College

113.                        KM Science Degree College

114.                        Mahurikalua Junior College

115.                        Nrusingha Nath Junior College

116.                        Nrusingha Nath Degree College

117.                        Ramjee Degree College

118.                        Rushikulya Degree College

119.                        Saheed Bhagat Singh Degree College

120.                        Sidha Bhairabi Science College

121.                        Sri Beleswar Junior College

Jagatsinghpur 122.                        BP Junior College

123.                        Balikuda Women’s Degree College

124.                        Balikuda Women’s Junior College

125.                        Brundaba Chandra Degree College

126.                        Brundaban Bihari Junior Mahavidyalaya

127.                        Chitratpola Junior College of Education

128.                        Grameswar junior College

129.                        Harishpur Bladev Mahavidyalaya

130.                        Panchayat Mahila Junior College

131.                        Sidha Barang Degree College of Education & Technology

132.                        Sidha Barang Junior College of Education & Technology

133.                        Swami Arupananda Junior College of Education

Jajpur 134.                        Baba Harekrushna Das Degree College

135.                        Barchana Junior Women’s College

136.                        Biripata Junior College

137.                        Brahmabarada Degree College

138.                        Budhadev Junior College

139.                        Chitalo Junior College

140.                        Dharmasala Degree  College

141.                        Kadambini Pal Women’s Degree College

142.                        Kanhu Charan Degree College

143.                        Maa Tarini Junior College

144.                        Mangalpur Women’s Degree College

145.                        Mukunda Patra Junior College

146.                        Rambag Women’s Junior College

Jharsuguda 147.                        Anchalika Junior Mahila Vidyalaya

148.                        Belpahar Degree College

149.                        DPA Junior College

150.                        IG Women’s Junior College

151.                        Panchayat Samiti Degree College, Laikera

152.                        SMP Junior College

Kalahandi 153.                        Anchalika Bastarani Junior College

154.                        Jayprakash Sandhya Degree College

155.                        Maa Manikeswari PS College

156.                        Maharani Kasturika Modini Devi Degree College

157.                        Patitapaban Junior College

Kandhamal 158.                        NSB Junior College
Kendrapara 159.                        Chitratpola Women’s College, Korua

160.                        Maa Trini +2 College

161.                        Nalinikanta Mahavidyala Chandibaunsamula

162.                        SVMSV College

163.                        Barapara Degree College

164.                        Delta Degree College

Keonjhar 165.                        Anchalika Vigyan +2 College

166.                        Boula Degree College

167.                        LN Degree College

168.                        Patteswar Junior College

169.                        Regional SN College

170.                        Santoshi Maa Degree Regional College

Khordha 171.                        Banamalipur Degree College

172.                        Hatakeswar Mahila Junior College, Bhubaneswar

173.                        KPAN Junior College

174.                        Odakhanda Junior College

175.                        Raghunath Adarsha Junior College

176.                        Ramachandra Kalpana College

Koraput 177.                        BR Ambedkar Degree College

178.                        Biju Patnaik Junior College

179.                        Gangeswari Degree College

180.                        Radha Krishana Asivasi Junior College

181.                        Radha Krishana Junior College

Malkangiri 182.                        Darwin Memorial Degree College
Mayurbhanj 183.                        Baripada Degree College

184.                        Binod Bihari Anchalika +2 College

185.                        Degree Gorumahisani Iron College

186.                        Deo Junior College

187.                        Dhanaghera Junior College

188.                        KCDK Junior College

Nabarangpur 189.                        Jharigaon Junior College

190.                        Panchayat Samiti Junior College, Raighar

Nayagarh 191.                        Dadhibaman Junior College

192.                        Maa Mani Nag Durga Mahila Junior College

193.                        Dadhibaman Degree College

194.                        Naba Choudhury Junior College

195.                        Nuagaon Junior College

196.                        Saheed Raghu Dibakar Degree College

197.                        Women’s +2 College, Khandapara

Nuapada 198.                        Sri Jagannath +2 College
Puri 199.                        Astarang Degree College

200.                        Hariswardev Vocational Science Degree College

201.                        Kalyanpur +2 Science Junior College

202.                        Kanas Junior College

203.                        Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Degree College of Education & Tech.

204.                        Manein Junior College

205.                        Nayahat Junior College

206.                        Rantanpur Science Degree College

207.                        SDV Science Degree College

Rayagada 208.                        Maa Markama +3 College

209.                        Dr BRAN +2 College

210.                        Thyaram Women’s Junior College

Sambalpur 211.                        Basudev Godarvari Degree College

212.                        Dwarika Prasad Agrawal College

213.                        Jayadurga Junior College

214.                        Naktideul +3 College

215.                        Parbatigiri Degree College

216.                        RKDT Higher Secondary School

217.                        Rairakhol Women’s Junior College

Sonepur 218.                        Panchayat +2 Women’s College
Sundargarh 219.                        Balanipat Junior College

220.                        JB Degree College

221.                        Jasoda Bishnu NMP Junior College

222.                        Panchayat Junior College, Baranga

223.                        Utkal Gourab Madhusudan Junior College, Rourkela.

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