Odisha: Know where you go wrong with lip makeup

Bhubaneswar: With lipsticks becoming a statement makeup these days, it’s really important for women to know how not to overdo it. Amid so many bits of advice and tips, we often miss out on what we are not doing right. Odisha-based makeup artists share some common mistakes that they have observed women making while applying lipstick.

Lip colour

Makeup artist Sweta Pradhan said women usually choose the wrong colours. “We either have a cool, warm or neutral skin tone and accordingly need to choose the colours as not every shade suits everyone,” she said. The makeup artist further said that women with thin lips should avoid darker shades as these make them look thinner.

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Akiq-ul-Hoda, another city-based makeup artist, said lighter shades make the lips look full.

Lip Liner

Lip liners are often not applied properly. “Lips must be outlined with the liners before we put on lipstick,” she said. Akiq further said lip liners must match the lip shade. Lip liners add to the perfect pout look, he added.

If you are contouring your lips to look fuller or thinner, sharpen the tip of the liner pencil and trace along the edges of your lips accordingly.

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Lip balm

Applying lipstick right after lip balm is a big NO-NO. “Lip balm is essential to keep your lips hydrated but, the lipstick will slide off if applied right after the lip balm and end up looking smeared. Let your skin absorb the balm first and then apply a coat of lipstick,” Sweta said. However, lip balm aka chapstick is a liquid lipstick’s best friend.

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Lip primer

“What I usually observe is, women lick their lipsticks away while their lip liner stays, ruining the entire look. To avoid this, primer must be applied before applying the lipstick,” Sweta said. Primer also helps the lipstick last long despite all the eating, drinking and talking.

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Lipstick application

Our usual lipstick application is a normal brush against the lips. Sweta thinks, for perfectly coloured lips, cupid’s bow is where we should start from. “Giving your cupid’s bow the shape it is, will uplift the entire look,” she added. One should not purse the lips as it leads to smudging. She also suggested dabbing some powder on the lipstick for a matte finish.

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Akiq is of the opinion that lip care done right will always do wonders. “Use only known brands that suit your skin. Keep your lips moisturized and hydrated,” he added.

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