Odisha man becomes talk of town for gold face mask

Bhubaneswar: At a time when wearing mask has become a way of life due to COVID-19 pandemic, nobody would have thought of this essential product being made of any other item apart from cloth. The masks used by most people do not glitter. However, the mask of Alok Mohanty from Cuttack is an exception as it glitters and catches the attention of one and all.

Mohanty, a businessman by profession, has weakness for the yellow metal from childhood days. Wearing gold chains, rings and bracelets, Mohanty loves to showcase his fondness for gold. But he felt something is missing while wearing masks during the COVID-19 situation.

Taking a cue from mask enthusiasts using gold and diamond fitted masks in other parts of the country, Mohanty thought of using a gold mask himself. He briefed a city jeweller who agreed to prepare a gold mask.

“The jeweller has done gold filigree work on an N-95 mask to prepare this gold mask,” informed Mohanty.

Mohanty further said he splurged Rs 3.5 lakh to get the gold face mask done. Around 90-100 grams of yellow metal were used in the mask, he added.

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