Odisha Nabakalebara: Subhadra’s daru on way to Puri

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Jagatsinghpur, May 7:

While Devi Subhadra’s daru perched on a sagadi (cart) bid adieu to Adhangagada, its place of origin in Odisha’s Jagatsinghpur district on its journey to Puri on Wednesday, decks are clear for the process to begin at Kharipadia in the same district for the felling of the neem tree identified as the daru of Lord Jagannath on Thursday.

subhadra daru

The sagadi was ready since Tuesday night for Devi Subhadra’s mahadaru resized to choupata for leaving Adhangagada on its sojourn to Shree Mandir at Puri, its final resting place where it will be carved into the new idol for Devi Subhadra and infused with brahma.

The sagadi loaded with the mahadaru wrapped in silk and fastened to it with silk ropes left Adhangagada at around 5 PM today to the chants of Haribol, Jai Jagannath, beats of cymbals and mridangas and sounds of ululation.  The sagadi will halt for the night at Ramkumarpur and begin its journey towards Puri tomorrow morning.

On the other hand, crowds gathered at Kharipadia, the site where the daru of Lord Jagannath has been identified. The Daitapatis and stotriya Brahmins have reached Kharipadia in the evening and are resting at the Sabarapalli while preparations are complete for the beginning of the rituals there tomorrow.

Bhoomisodhan, mahasnana and ankuraropan rituals will take place tomorrow while the mahayagna will begin on Friday.

“Surya puja, bhoomisodhan or bhoomipuja, mahasnana of the tree with 108 garas (pots) of water from the river and ankuraropan rituals are scheduled for tomorrow. The mahayagna will begin on the next day,” said Jagannath Swain Mohapatra, mukhya badagrahi of Lord Jagannath.

The felling of the mahadaru will take place on either on April 9 or 10. The mahadaru is expected to reach Shree Mandir between April 18 to 20, thus ending the Banajaga Yatra of the Nabakalebara process of the Lords.

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