Odisha: Nagarjuna Besha of lords to be held in 2020

Puri: Here is good news for all the devotees of Lord Jagannath as they can have darshan of deities in Nagarjuna Besha (costume) during Kartik month in 2020.

The auspicious day will be observed after 25 years on 12th day of the holy month of Kartik i. e on November 27, 2020, informed astrologer Baikuntha Nath Nayak, the chief of Samant Chandrasekhar Panjika here on Monday.

As the panchuka during Kartik month will be observed for six days in 2020 instead of five days, Lord Jagannath along with siblings Lord Balabhadra and goddess Subhadra will appear in Nagarjuna Besha on the additional day.

The last Nagarjuna Besha of the lords was held in 1994. Six persons had died on premises of Jagannath temple in stamped during the occasion.

Lakhs of devotees including saints used to wait for the auspicious occasion to have darshan of the deities in Nagarjuna Besha, the rare among all the costumes that the lords appear every day and other special days.

Earlier, the rare besha of the lords was held in 1966 and 1983.

The Nagarjuna Besha is also called Bira Besha. According to reports, the besha is held during Kartik month when Panchuka (last five days of kartika month) is observed as six days instead of five days. The lords appear in the special costume to commemorate the killing of Sahashrarjuna by lord Parasuram. The besha also marks the battle between Arjuna and his son Nagarjuna.

In Nagarjuna Besha, the lords are dressed like warriors. It is one of the 16 incarnations of Lord Jagannath.

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