Odisha: Now invite Lord Jagannath online for wedding

Puri: There will be no need to visit Srimandir to invite Lord Jagannath for auspicious social ceremonies like wedding, as the technology is here to send your invitation online to the Lords.

The online service to invite Lord Jagannath will be functional soon by the Khuntia Nijog of Srimandir for the devotees residing outside the State.

A website is being developed in Mumbai to provide the service to send an invitation card to Lord Jagannath online. The site will be launched soon, officially announced the Khuntia Nijog yesterday.

The online service will be free of cost. However, willful offerings from the devotees will be accepted, said Khuntia Nijog servitor Shambhunath Khuntia.

He said that the website is being developed by the software engineer Nitin Kumar Singh. The website will be functional within two to three days for the devotees.

This is one step towards strengthening the bond between the Lord and devotees. All the data will be available on the website about sending the invitation card to the Lords. Although the move has not been taken yet regarding donations, the offerings that will be made by the devotees will be received. The day when the card will be offered to the Lord Jagannath, the Khuntia servitor, who will be on duty on that day, will be paid the amount, said Khuntia.

The online sender of the invitation card will be communicated by the Khuntia Nijog on the day when the card will be offered to the Lords.

Notably, the Khuntia Nijog has been in service of Lord Jagannath in Srimandir since centuries. They used to offer the wedding invitation cards on behalf of the devotees to the Lords at Puri Jagannath Temple.

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