Odisha received over Rs 1.25 lakh crore investment despite COVID-19 pandemic: Naveen

Any branding programme that has a solution to address people’s needs will definitely succeed

Bhubaneswar: Odisha has received an investment of over Rs 1.25 crore since February 2020 despite COVID-19 pandemic, said Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik at an award programme here today.

Inaugurating the 4th edition of Sambad’s Brands of Odisha Pride of India virtually, Patnaik said that his government is working committedly to improve the business climate of Odisha.

“Industry friendly policies, quick clearances and grounding of projects have helped to make us one of the most attractive investment destinations in India. We have received an investment of over Rs 1.25 lakh crore since February 2020 despite the wrath of Coronavirus. Our Start-Up policy is also one of the best in the country,” Patnaik said.

Addressing the dignitaries during the programme held at MAYFAIR Convention, the CM said that branding and promotion are essential components of business and industry. The ultimate aim is to bring prosperity, serve people and create a niche for a company, its product or service.

“Any branding programme that has a solution to address people’s needs will definitely succeed,” he said while citing the success story of a young entrepreneur from Odisha who could build a brand in the country by understanding people’s needs.

“The OYO story of Ritesh Agarwal, a young man of our Odisha, is a case in point. He actually found an easy solution for millions of tourists in hospitality sector. And he does not own hotels himself. My point is– ‘to create a real good brand, one has to truly endeavour to understand people’s needs, and find easy solutions to them. Money will flow in, brand will be built,” he said in his address.

He wished people especially the young generation to come forward to take the opportunity in various sectors.

“The younger generation is bubbling with ideas. They must take the plunge into business and industry, create global brands and generate wealth for themselves and the Nation,” the CM said.

He congratulated the awardees saying, “They are the true flag bearers of entrepreneurship in Odisha.”

In a welcome address, Sambad Group Managing Director (MD) Monica Nayyar Patnaik said, “It was January 2018 when Sambad successfully hosted the Brands of Odisha Pride of India: Sambad Corporate Excellence Awards that felicitate and recognise brands, industries and companies who are born in Odisha but they have also done extremely well outside the State, nationally or internationally. Their products and services are available not only in Odisha, but also in the country. And we are proud of them. We have since then witnessed 2019 and 2020 editions of these noteworthy awards.

Sambad Group MD Monica Nayyar Patnaik addressing dignitaries at Sambad Brands of Odisha Pride of India: Corporate Excellence Awards-2021

She said, “We all been through a lot in the COVID times and at Sambad, we have been adhering to all guidelines till today. This has been our first ever public meeting in almost a year and we are very very thankful to all of you for making it happen. We are overwhelmed that we were able to enter into the 4th edition of this prestigious award ceremony.”

Informing about the initiative, she said, “It is really interesting to note that each passing year there have been brands that have emerged, industries that have come up who have done so well outside the State. And we have been instrumental in getting all these industries, brands and companies together at a platform where they applied for the prestigious awards. That’s why it was very difficult for the esteemed juries who have come down for selection. Five days back, the Jury meeting was held and we came out with the results.”

She expressed her gratitude to juries who selected the winners because there were lots of applications from across the State in emerging and small categories as well medium. They recommended to have some Jury Special awards.

Speaking at the event, Sambad Group Chairman Soumya Ranjan Patnaik described CM Naveen Patnaik and Union Petroleum & Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan as ‘brands of Odisha’.

“Naveen Patnaik and Dharmendra Pradhan — they are two brands, who are incomparable. Naveen Babu has attracted entire world by serving people of Odisha with dedication in past 20 years during his regime. Similarly, Dharmendra Pradhan being son of this soil has proved his excellence becoming a close associate to Prime Minister Narendra Modi besides holding two key posts in the Union Cabinet as the Minister. Any Odia people could be jealous of fame achieved by him,” the Sambad Editor and Khandapada MLA said.

He revealed the purpose behind organising Brands of Odisha Pride of India: Corporate Excellence Awards every year.

“The chief aim behind the event is to encourage the worshipers of excellence,” Patnaik said.

The newly appointed WODC Chairman former Chief Secretary Asit Tripathy, who graced the occasion, spoke about enterprises to encourage the young talents with instances.

“Enterprises is extremely important in society to create wealth. It is enterprises that has taken America – the richest country in world – to heights. It attracts young and talented people from all over the world. If you see the top 10 business houses in the world, it is dominated by young people and young immigrants into USA. Not only that have created innovative products, but also have created ease and conveniences in our life. Think about Uber and Airbnb. These are ideas. These are not products. But such powerful ideas can be replicated in any sector,” Tripathy said.

Recalling French poet Victor Hugo’s famous quotation, he said, “I always believed that the world’s most powerful enemies cannot defeat an idea whose time has come. I think Odisha is that idea today and we are seeing in everyday.”

He said that the Government has developed a model of tourism in last 3-4 years in the State. As per the norms, hotels cannot come up in forests, Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) and in eco sensitive zones, but the Government has created more than 50 forest nature camps and five luxury eco retreats.

“This idea is a fantastic solution for not having good hotels in the interim period. We are going to have a lot of hotels. We have beautiful places, we have forests, a large number of reservoirs and lake but we have no luxury hotels,” he said.

On mega future projects, he said that the CM has directed to complete 10 outstanding irrigation projects.

“Yesterday, the CM had inaugurated Indravati project. In next two years, we are going to complete Subarnarekha, DEO irrigation project, Kanupur, lower Indra and the list goes on,” he added.

Addressing the award ceremony, Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said that Lord Jagannath is the Brand of World for Odia people.

Union P&NG, Steel Minister Dharmendra Pradhan at Sambad Brands of Odisha Pride of India: Corporate Excellence Awards-2021

Talking about brands and pride, he said, “Brand and pride are in the DNA of every Odia people. And Sambad has given it a form by organising a programme to honour the brands.”

At the programm, he highlighted on various challenges of society including undernutrition, which needs to be addressed by all.


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