Odisha registers 25.30% growth in gross GST collection in Jan

Bhubaneswar: Odisha has recorded 25.30 per cent growth in collection of gross GST in January this year with collection of Rs 3,137.45 crore against Rs 2,503.97 crore collected in January last year, said an official on Tuesday.

This is also the highest collection as well as the highest growth in gross GST collection (CGST, IGST, SGST and cess) during the current financial year, informed S.K. Lohani, Odisha Commissioner, Central Tax (CT) and GST in a statement.

This growth is as a result of sharp growth in IGST of 71.88 per cent as well as growth of 8.17 per cent in CGST, 4.48 per cent in SGST and 13.31 per cent in cess.

Collection of IGST during January this year is Rs 1,158.77 crore against Rs 674.18 crore during January last year with growth of 71.88 per cent, said Lohani.

The rise in collection of IGST can be attributed to higher demand from other states for basic materials produced in Odisha like iron and steel, aluminium, coal etc.

The collection of SGST during January is Rs 777.71 crore against Rs 744.33 crore collected during January last year with growth of 4.48 per cent.

Total VAT collection (petrol and liquor) of Rs 831.78 crore during the month is also the highest during the current financial year registering a positive growth rate of 20.99 per cent against the collection of Rs 687.50 crore during January 2020.

Out of this, collection from petroleum products registered a growth of 24.14 per cent with collection of Rs 655.15 crore in January this year against Rs 527.77 crore in January last year.

VAT from liquor also registered a positive growth of 10.60 per cent with the collection of Rs 176.62 crore in January against Rs 159.73 crore in January 2020.


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