Odisha: Shield your skin from harsh summer with these DIY sunscreens

Bhubaneswar: Come summer and our skin gets exposed to harmful rays of the sun. Odisha-based dermatologist, Dr Drrabinarayan Nanda, says excess exposure to ultra violet (UV) rays might lead to serious skin ailments.

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Polymorphous light eruption and photodermatitis, types of eczema, are the most common problems faced when the skin is exposed to the sun for a longer period. The UV rays can also lead to skin cancer, he says.

“It is very important for people to protect their skin with sunscreen lotions,” he says.

While a variety of sunscreen creams are already available in the market, natural ingredients can also be used for preparing a perfect mix for protection against harmful rays.

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Here are some of the DIY sunscreen potion you can prepare at home.

Shea butter: It contains a great sun safeguarding component, screen protection factor (SPF) of 45. This cream is also a wonderful moisturizer.

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Coconut oil: This miraculous ingredient is available in all households. For making a sunscreen, pour coconut oil, and half its amount of Shea butter, zinc oxide, and add water to it. You can also add beeswax to make it waterproof. Blend the mixture well, store it, apply and you’re ready to face the sun!

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Tea leaves: Soak two tablespoons of tea leaves in half a cup of water, overnight. Next morning, strain the mixture. The water you’re left with is an amazing sun blocking agent. Store it in a bottle and apply before leaving home.

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Essential oil and Vitamin E: These oils will give you a sunscreen with health benefits and beautiful smell. Prepare a mixture of raspberry seed oil, beeswax and Shea butter. Put these in a jar and place it in a pan of hot water. Once the mixture starts to melt, add non-nano zinc oxide. Add essential oil and Vitamin E oil and let it settle. Your sunscreen with SPF 30 is ready!

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Almond and olive oil: Both these oils rich in Vitamin E can do wonders for your skin. Mix these ingredients with coconut oil and beeswax in a jar and place it in hot water. Add zinc oxide and the sunscreen is ready! Make sure you mix it well.

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Wheat Germ oil: This oil is a sunscreen in itself with SPF 20. It helps deeply nourish the skin as well.

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Turmeric: One of the oldest and traditional sunscreens found in every kitchen. Apply turmeric mixed with oil and it is sure to guard your skin well.

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Aloevera juice: Aloevera is popular for its cooling properties and it helps the skin in a lot of ways. You can also prepare an amazing sunscreen by mixing it with avocado oil, carrot seed oil, and myrrh essential oil. Pour them all in a sprayer bottle and it’s done!

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Make sure to reapply your sunscreen every one or two hours. Apply it like any usual cream and make sure to do 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun. Massage well on your skin so the cream gets absorbed properly.

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Besides, wear thick cotton clothes that cover most of your body. Wear hat to cover your head and shades to protect your eyes. Do not forget your umbrella when going out!

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