Odisha: Thief bites cop to escape from clutches [Watch]

Bhubaneswar: Police had a tough job in detaining a thief after he was caught pickpocketing by locals at Master Canteen bus stand here this morning.

As per reports, some locals caught one Raju Nayak red-handed while he was pickpocketing at Master Canteen bus stand this morning. They overpowered him and handed him over to police at Master Canteen Square. But soon after, he started creating nuisances on the main road in a bid to escape from the police dragnet.

The accused manhandled the two cops, who were there to nab the former. He did not even hesitate to thrash the police personnel while trying run away. The drama continued for about half an hour.

When Raju started biting the hand of one of the two police personnel, the other cop with the help of few locals managed to overpower and detain him. Later, the accused was handed over to Capital police here.



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