Odisha woman claims she is biological mother of Sarathi Baba’s son

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Kendrapada, Aug 14:

While skeletons are tumbling out of the cupboard every day about the properties, bank accounts, sexual escapades and other sordid details of self-styled god man Srimad Sarathi Baba alias Santosh Kumar Roula since his arrest, a new twist has been added to the saga with a woman turning up and claiming to be the biological mother of Satyam, the so-called son of the Baba whom he had claimed to have created out of bibhuti (sacred ash).

Satyam Sekhar Raula
Satyam Sekhar Raula

A woman with her face covered behind a veil appeared before the media and television crews on Thursday and claimed that she was the biological mother of Satyam and had given her son to Srimad Sarathi in adoption when he was two and a half years old.

She claimed that the adoption was duly registered then at the Sub Registrar’s office here while adding that the registered document was with the Baba.

“The incident had taken place when the ashram had a thatched roof and Sarathi was staying in it. By that time, I had three children and was pregnant carrying the one you call Satyam today.  Sarathi had then asked my husband to give him the child which I was carrying in my womb on its birth to him for adoption. My husband asked me and I agreed to the proposal since we already had three children by then. Baba said “You have three; give this one to me. He will look after me in my old age.” At that time we had deep respect for the Baba which we had maintained till date before his black deeds were revealed. We used to visit his ashram at Barimul then to listen to discourses given by him. I used to suffer from gout then, he had asked me to go for medical treatment and had said in the event of medicines not curing the disease, he would offer medicines. I with my husband used to visit the ashram and participate in bhajan and kirtan . When my son accompanied me to the ashram, Baba used to be very affectionate towards him. At that time, his parents used to stay along with him I never knew that he would turn out to be fraudster. I have never spoken to my son since we gave him in adoption. I would secretly watch him when we visited the ashram and would feel happy that he was growing up. We have given him in adoption after proper documentation at the Sub Registrar office. No we haven’t given him in adoption for money. My husband is a job holder and we run our lives. We have no dearth of money. We used to consider Baba as a saint with godly qualities. I have spoken to my son like a member of the public and would feel happy that he is well off. We used to visit the ashram once in five to six months. I thank the media for exposing such fraudsters who have played with sentiments of so many people while praying for my son’s safety. If my son has committed any wrong, he should be penalized in accordance with the law while saying that if he wishes she will take her back,” the woman told reporters.

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  1. Mahendra Mishra says

    I do not understand , why the said news is being published as the same is already published on ” The Sambad” today. I do not have any question on the same if you think that this website is the translated format of ” The Sambad” at least after publication of the Odia News.

    1. Odisha Sun Times Editorial Desk says

      Dear Mr. Mishra,

      Thanks for very much for giving your frank opinion. As a visitor-driven medium, we value and respct what our visitors (readers) think of us. But if you have been following us for any length of time, you would certainly know that we are not ‘the translated format of Sambad’ as you say we are.
      Had that been the case, all our news items would have been from ‘yesterday’. I can count at least 10 fresh stories today (August 14, 11.20 pm) that we have published several hours ago that would appear in ‘Sambad’ only tomorrow morning. To name a few – the BJP gherao of DGP office, the proposed visit of the Crime Branch to Hyderabad, the denial of bail to Ramachandra Hansda, the signing of the MoU for the medical college at Talcher to be set up by MCL. All of these would appear in Sambad tomorrow morning. So, would you then say Sambad is ‘the translated format’ of odishasuntimes.com.
      We are proud that we are a sister concern of Sambad, the largest circulated Odia daily, which has a much bigger network of reporters on the ground than we have. So, we do depend on Sambad for a few stories that are worth publishing. And this story – the one about a woman claiming Satyam’s motherhood – was, in our view, certainly one such piece of news.
      Besides, why do you assume all visitors of OST are also Sambad readers. There could be many who are not and for them, this could be something fresh.

      If you are still not convinced. Just read Sambad in the morning any day and then follow us for the next 12-14 hours and see for yourself that the input from Sambad constitutes only a small portion of our output – and it is always decided strictly on the merit of the story.

      We hope we have answered your query adequately.

      Thanks again for your opinion.


  2. A K Swain says

    To know who are biological parents of Satyam sekhar Roul,the CB should go for DN A test for Satyam ,claimants as his parents and also Sarathi Baba. That will resolve the issue.It is possible that Sarathi baba must have fathered Satyam through his immoral relationship with some women devotee coming to his Ashram.

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