Odisha’s COVID-19 doubling rate better than national average

Bhubaneswar: With increasing number of positive cases of COVID-19 in the country, Odisha seems to be in better position than national average in terms of doubling rate of the deadly virus.

At a presser in New Delhi today, Union Health Joint Secretary Lav Agarwal hailed two states — Odisha and Kerala — where the spread of COVID-19 has slowed down and the doubling rate of coronavirus infections stands at more than 30 days.

“The doubling rate of COVID19 cases is more than 30 days in Odisha and Kerala,” Agarwal said.

While India’s doubling rate before lockdown was 3.4 days, now it has improved to 7.5 days.

He said that the rate in 18 states is better than the national average as per the data on April 19.

The states that recorded doubling rates less than 20 days included Delhi (8.5 days), Karnataka (9.2 days), Telangana (9.4 days), Andhra Pradesh (10.6 days), J&K (11.5 days), Punjab (13.1 days), Chhattisgarh (13.3 days), Tamil Nadu (14 days) and Bihar (16.4 days).

The states where the number of cases was notices in 30 days are Andaman and Nicobar-20.1 days, Haryana-21 days, Himachal Pradesh- 24.5 days, Chandigarh- 25.4 days, Assam-25.8 days, Uttarakhand- 26.6 days and Ladakh-26.6 days.

Acknowledging Odisha and Kerala, Agarwal said, “We have been noticing improvement in performance in these two states in fight against COVID-19.”


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