Odisha’s Satkosia Gorge among 10 more wetlands designated as Ramsar sites in India

Bhubaneswar: India today added 10 more wetlands designated as Ramsar sites, including Satkosia Gorge in Odisha, making it a total of 64 sites covering an area of 12,50,361 hectares in the country.

Designation of these sites would help in conservation and management of wetlands and wise use of their resources.

India is one of the Contracting Parties to Ramsar Convention signed in Ramsar, Iran in 1971. India signed it on 1st February, 1982.

10 wetlands designated as Ramsar sites:

S.No Name of wetland Area in Ha State Date of Designation Page No.
Koonthankulam Bird Sanctuary 72.04 Tamil Nadu 08-11-2021 2-3
Satkosia Gorge 98196.72 Odisha 12-10-2021 4-5
Nanda Lake 42.01 Goa 08-06-2022 6-7
Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve 52671.88 Tamil Nadu 08-04-2022 8-9
Ranganathittu BS 517.70 Karnataka 15-02-2022 10-11
Vembanur Wetland Complex 19.75 Tamil Nadu 08-04-2022 12-13
Vellode Bird Sanctuary 77.19 Tamil Nadu 08-04-2022 14-15
Sirpur wetland 161  Madhya Pradesh 07-01-2022 16-17
Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary 40.35 Tamil Nadu 08-04-2022 18-19
Udhayamarthandapuram Bird Sanctuary 43.77 Tamil Nadu 08-04-2022 20-21
  Total area of 10 wetlands 1,51,842.41      
  TOTAL area of 64 Ramsar Sites in India (After designation of 10 more sites as above) 12,50,361      


Satkosia spreads along the magnificent gorge over Mahanadi river in Odisha. Established in 1976 as a wildlife sanctuary, Satkosia supports a rich ecosystem, representing a diverse population of floral and faunal species.

Satkosia is the meeting point of two biogeographic regions of India; the Deccan Peninsula and the Eastern Ghats, contributing immense biodiversity. Satkosia Gorge wetland is a mosaic of marshes and evergreen forests.

The forests of these catchments play a vital role in the prevention of the gorge siltation. It also helps in maintaining a specific desirable depth of water crucial for the endangered gharial population and spawning of commercially important carps species.

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