Odissi dance recital in Odisha capital enthrals audience and promotes cultural tourism

Bhubaneswar: Japanese Odissi dancer Masako Ono and her group of danseuses performed five repertoires at a dance recital in Rabindra Manday, last evening.

Organised by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Regional Office-Bhubaneswar in association with Odia Language Literature and Culture Department of Odisha, as a part of the ‘Horizon’ series, the members of the Masako Ono Performing Arts (MOPA) captivated those present at the event with performances of Mangalacharan, Batu, Hamsadhwani Pallavi, Pashati Dishi Dishi and Moksh.

Masako Ono

Masako, along with her students Medha Arora, Rashmi Bhatt and Sheersha Dash performed the Mangalacharan, an invocation to Goddess Matangi, once choreographed by legendary Indian classical dancer, and exponent of Odissi dance late Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra. Batu Nritya, a dance offering to Lord Batuka Bhairava, who is one of the 64 aspects of Lord Shiva was done by Rashmi and Sheersha.

Bata Nritya performed by Rashmi (left ) and Sheersha

The graceful and lyrical movements of the Hamsadhwani Pallavi, portrayed by Masako drew applause from the crowd. This sequence began with slow movements and later developed into a crescendo to a climax with fast tempo of music.

The Pashati Dishi Dishi depicted Radha and her yearning for Krishna. Sheersha, characterized a captivating Radha who is unable to bear the separation from Krishna and sees illusions of him everywhere.

Pashati Dishi Dishi performed by Sheersha

The evening concluded with Masako presenting the last act, Moksha that symbolized the fusion of the soul with the divine and denoted the union of the dancer, the audience and God.

“I’m extremely grateful to my Guru Masako Ono, for giving me this opportunity to perform at such an incredible event. All three of us students are working women, and pursuing Odissi simultaneously as a passion. We have put in a lot of hard work, to present all these performances. It has been an exhilarating experience for all of us,” said Sheersha.

The ICCR is known to organize monthly events as a part of its ‘Horizon Series’ in each of its regional office in India as a part of its cultural exchange initiative.

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