Ollywood actor Varsha smells a rat, files complaint against mom-in-law

Cuttack: The marital conflict between Kendrapara MP Anubhav Mohanty and his actress wife Varsha Priyadrashini again hit media headlines with allegations and counter-allegations in police station.

In a complaint lodged at the Purighant Police Station in Cuttack, Varsha alleged that a conspiracy is being plotted against her to drive her out from her in-laws’ house.

As per the complaint, her mother-in-law Madhusmita Mohanty on October 27 told her to leave the house next morning citing a ‘bogus’ reason.

She alleged that her mother-in-law wanted to throw her out of the residence on the pretext of  repairing work of water tank and water pipe at house.

“I think this is a preplanned to kick me out in spite of order of SDJM court,” Varsha mentioned in the complaint.

She sought police protection for staying at her in-laws’ house as she has no alternate house for accommodation.

Refuting the allegation, Varsha’s mother-in-law Madhusmita Mohanty filed a counter-complaint at the Purighat Police Station.

In the counter-complaint, Anubhav’s mother said that the house is in a dilapidated condition for which she asked Varsha to leave the house for a short period of time till completion of repairing work.

She stated that the house where she is residing with her family members was built 60 years ago. Recently, she had contacted a repairer after some issues occurred in the septic tank. Therefore, she requested her daughter-in-law Varsha to move to her parents’ house for a period of only 10 days as the repairing work will take more than a week-long time.

Even as the marital discord of Varsha is yet to be settled with her actor-turned-politician husband Anubhav Mohanty, the fresh controversy showed the dispute between the couple has taken a different turn.

Earlier, Varsha had lodged a domestic violence case against Anubhav under the Protection Of Women From Domestic Violence (DV) Act on August 7 seeking maintenance from her estranged husband in the Sub Divisional Judicial Magistrate (SDJM) court in Cuttack. A month before the case, the BJD MP had filed a petition seeking divorce from her on July 6, 2020.

The marital discord between Ollywood’s power couple came to fore later in September.

Recently, the Supreme Court had stayed the divorce petition filed by Kendrapara MP Anubhav Mohanty in the Patiala House Court and asked counsels of both the parties to sort out the matter through discussion.

Meanwhile, the SDJM Court had served a notice to Anubhav for his reply in connection with the domestic violence case lodged by his wife Varsha. The hearing of the case has been scheduled on November 12.

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