OMFED cuts down on milk procurement in view of lockdown

Bhubaneswar: In view of the ongoing 14-day lockdown in the state,  the Odisha State Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation (OMFED) had directed all milk unions to cut down on procurement to four lakh litre per day for the month of May.

The decision was taken in view of the decrease in demand following enforcement of the lockdown. The restriction comes in force with effect from today.

In a letter to all milk unions across the state, OMFED said while milk procurement  has increased, distribution of the same has deceased significantly due to the lockdown.

“The average milk production is 5.45 lakh LPD while the disposal of milk has reduced significantly from 3.75 LPD to 2 lakh LPD. Besides powder production at Bhubaneswar dairy, we are sending milk outside for drying at distant locations at very high cost. Due to decrease in disposal of milk, the closing stock at dairy level remains around 8.5 LPD against the holding capacity OMFED dairies i.e 9.1LPD,” OMFED mentioned in the letter.

Accumulation of milk at dairy level for longer period will not only disrupt fresh milk collection but also deteriorate the shelf life of milk which may not be safer for production of milk powder besides great difficulties in maintaining quality, the letter reads.


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