OMG! ‘Jhal Mudhi’ woos taste buds in London!

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, May 12: 

The quirky snack Jhal Mudhi, has takers in London too! A cart with a bright board painted with the words THE EVERYBODY LOVE LOVE JHAL MURI EXPRESS on Portobelle Road in London serves this chatpata Indian snack, courtesy Angus Denoon, a British chef who tasted it on his first trip to India. He liked it so much that he decided to introduce it to Londoners.

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The fact that preparation of this snack is totally hassle-free is what attracted Denoon and prompted him to take this street food of India to London. In the beginning, he was a little apprehensive as to the reactions of the London denizens, but his doubts were put to rest as it was received well by all in the city. Since then, Denoon as added his own condiments to the snack and keeps on changing the recipe to add versatility to its taste.

Along with Jhal Mudhi, Denoon has now begun serving ghooghni chat, gupchup, Gujarati eatables like dhokla and even lassi. His portable table has also now transformed into a colourful mobile wagon that serves delicious and exotic street-side mouth-watering snacks for all those unpredictable hunger pangs and cravings.


It is noteworthy that Jhal Mudhi is a famous street-side snack in Odisha and West Bengal and even some parts of north India.


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