OnePlus Nord 2 5G charger explodes while charging. User shares what he did next

Bhubaneswar/Kerala:  A OnePlus Nord 2 5G charger exploded on being connected to a socket for charging the phone. The incident happened with a software engineer in Kerala.

On Sunday, Jimmy Jose, the user of the exploded charger, took to Twitter and shared about the incident. Sharing photographs of the remains from his exploded charger and the socket, he wrote, “My OnePlus Nord 2 warp charger blasted with a huge sound and it blew up the socket. Luckily I’m alive to make this tweet. The Nord 2 is working. but this is scary af. I’m still in shock.”


Jimmy tagged the official Twitter profiles of OnePlus India and OnePlus Support to bring the incident to their attention.

The user kept posting updates about the incident on his thread. Apparently, OnePlus suggested him to visit the nearest customer care centre and he did so.

After running tests on the submitted charger, he was told that the explosion could be due to a power surge and they would replace the charger. In the following thread, he also mentioned that a representative from OnePlus called him to inquire about the entire incident and later emphasized on voltage fluctuation being the issue.

Continuing to tweet updates on the incident, yesterday, Jimmy wrote that a technician from OnePlus who examined the images of the exploded charger explained to him over a phone call that what happened was not a blast; there was nothing in the charger to blast.



However, after 3 days of reporting the issue, the user yesterday collected a replaced charger from the customer care centre and shared about it on his tweet thread.


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