Onion continues to be ‘too hot’ to handle in Odisha market

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Aug 17:

While the prices of essential commodities in Odisha have come down, the kitchen essential—onion—continues to burn holes in the consumers’ pockets.

onion marketThe price of vegetables in the retail market has dropped by as much as Rs 20 per kilo brining much respite from the inflated prices. However, the bulbous vegetable remains defiant at around Rs 40 a kilo.

While the price of onion is around Rs 28-30 in the wholesale market, the retailers are maintaining the price consistently at Rs 40 since past several weeks.

Though the supply department has directed the retailers to cap the profit limit to Rs 5 a kilo, the resellers are not adhering to the government advisory.

The officials are expressing their inability to regulate the prices citing shortfall in supply from other onion hubs.

As per data available, the egg plant was selling at Rs 50 per kilo and almost all vegetables were being sold at around Rs 40 a kilo last week.

The traders attributed the steep price rise to heavy unseasonal rain in neighbouring West Bengal due to which supply and production was affected. Meanwhile, the market condition has recovered to a larger extent.

As per data collected from various retail markets in the capital city on Sunday, the locally produced egg plant was being sold between Rs 30 and Rs 40 per kilo.

Similarly, the ones being transported from West Bengal was selling at Rs 20 per kilo.

The good supply of brinjal from neighbouring state has eased the demand-supply gap and resulted in brining down the price of the vegetable, a retailer said.

The price of vegetables like lady finger, bitter gourd, long beans and spine gourd remained at Rs 20. The pointed gourd was, however, a bit costly with it being sold between Rs 25 and Rs 30.

On the other hand, the prices of dals have breached Rs 120 mark and the mustard and vegetable oils are too following the incremental trend. The price of arhar dal has reached Rs 127 and masoor at Rs 120 per kilo. But, the prices of moong and urad dals have remained stable at Rs 90 and Rs 120 a kilo respectively.

Likewise, the prices of edible oils have crossed Rs 125 mark. The price of one litre of mustard oil of leading brands have crossed Rs 125 mark whereas the prices of refined oils have crossed Rs 130 a litre.

“The prices are rising due to the impact of international market conditions. Now, the import supply is good. However, there is no relation between imports and price rise,” a trader opined.

“The state government can reduce the price of essential commodities such as pulses by reducing the VAT levied on it otherwise the prices are not going to decline before November,” an expert said.

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