Opposition meet ends with 26 parties agreeing to put up united fight against BJP under ‘India’ banner

Bengaluru: The opposition meet in Bengaluru ended on Tuesday with sources saying it has been decided by all 26 parties to collectively contest against the BJP-led NDA under the banner of the “Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (India)”.

The 26 opposition parties have decided to give a new name to their alliance, which will be known as Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (India), Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge said.

“The war is now between India and NDA, Narendra Modi vs India, their ideology and India. No one is able to fight the idea of India in the history,” said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

While the leaders were giving further details of the deliberations, sources said that they have signed a pact in this regard over seat sharing and creation of state-wise committees.

They discussed politics of hatred, the failures of Central government and raised their voices against the administration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as per the sources.

Kharge tweeted: “I am happy that 26 parties are present in Bengaluru to work unitedly. Together, we are in government in 11 states today. The BJP did not get 303 seats by itself. It used the votes of its allies and came to power and then discarded them.

“The BJP President and their leaders are running from state-to-state to patch up with their old allies. They are scared that the unity they see here will result in their defeat next year.

“Every institution is being turned into a weapon against the opposition. Our intention in this meeting is not to gain power for ourselves. It is to protect Democracy, Secularism and Social Justice. Let us resolve to take India back to the path of progress, welfare and true democracy.”


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