Orphan Odisha baby girl adopted by US couple

Bhubaneswar: Punya, a girl child who was abandoned by her parents in Odisha, has finally got a new family. A couple from the United States—David Hasley and AB Hasely—adopted Punya and took her with them to their country today.

Punya was differently-abled since her birth. Few days back, her biological parents left her alone to survive for the same reason. The Childline officials rescued the child and subsequently she was brought up at an orphanage.

Her foster father, David, said, “India is most beautiful and its people very nice. When we thought of adoption, the first country came to our minds is India.”

He further added, “Even though Punya is differently-abled, we will not lessen our love and affection towards her. We will try to provide the best medical treatment to her.”

Expressing similar views, an elated AB Hasley said, “We have taken the responsibility to build the future of Punya. As a result, our lives will also see a dramatic change.”

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