Over 100 young women vowed not to marry for Sarathi Baba!

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Kendrapara, Aug 13:

With each passing day, more skeletons are tumbling out of Odisha Godman Srimad Sarathi Dev’s closet. While the controversial self-styled spiritual guru is already embroiled in a controversy over his alleged sexual escapades, more revelations pertaining to women are coming to the fore.

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The Baba enjoyed the exclusive company of dedicated women who vowed not to get married all their life. Over 100 of them had apparently decided to stay spinster for life. They had accepted Sarathi as their husband. The dedication for their ‘master’ was so great that they wore red bangles as a symbol of marriage in the name of Srimad Sarathi Dev like married women do for their husbands.

As the family members of the girls were devotees of Sarathi, they did not object to this.

Reports suggest that Baba’s sprawling ashram had various rooms for separate purposes. Baba used to spend time with the girls separately behind closed doors. Indeed, it was difficult for others to make out what transpired between them except a few confidants of the beleaguered guru.

The Baba had a long list of devoted girls from almost all walks of life: school teachers, college lecturers, dancers, singers, doctors, nurses and many more… you name it.

“It seemed as if there was a mad rush to impress Sarathi Baba. They were at his disposal and were more than eager to carry out the orders of the Baba. Besides, many girls used to wear red bangles to show their dedication for Baba,” a devotee of the Sarathi ashram said on condition of anonymity.

Even after the shady activities of Baba were exposed, the girls were in a state of disbelief and frequented the ashram till recently. Many of them have now reconciled with the fact that Baba was not really the god that they thought he was while a few are still waiting for a miracle that would make it possible for their ‘god’ to come out of it unscathed.

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