Parineeti on ‘The Girl On The Train’: Comparison with Emily Blunt bound to happen

Mumbai:  Actress Parineeti Chopra says she was not apprehensive about reprising Hollywood star Emily Blunt’s acclaimed role in the official remake of The Girl On The Train. She claims she was always unfazed about the comparisons people would eventually make.

“I have to say that I didn’t approach The Girl On The Train with the apprehension of being compared to Emily Blunt. She is a towering actress and I knew that since I was doing the official Indian remake, comparisons were bound to happen. Actually, I relished the challenge to deliver this role at par with the earlier film,” Parineeti says.

She is “thrilled” with the response that the trailer of the Hindi remake has garnered. “I’m humbled with the love that people have poured in for my acting. It definitely seems to have lived up to the expectation of the English film. I cannot wait for people to see our version,” she adds.

Parineeti maintains that she has performed the role in her unique style and not tried to stay true to the original film.

“I have approached my role without the baggage of what I saw Emily do. I made the character my own and I was clear that I wanted to add my touch to the role. I appreciate that people have loved what I have tried to do on screen and I can guarantee them that they will thoroughly enjoy this edge-of-the-seat thriller when the film releases,” she says.


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