Parliament Monsoon Session: Centre to introduce 24 new bills

The session to commence from July 18.

New Delhi: As many as 24 new bills will be introduced in the upcoming monsoon session of the Parliament, including Press and Registration of Periodicals Bill, 2022. “The Bill seeks to replace the Press and Registration of Books (PRB) Act, 1867 by decriminalisation of the existing Act, keeping the procedures of the extant Act simple from the view point of medium/small publishers and uphold the values of Press Freedom”.

The Bill may see stiff opposition as it is said that this bill is being brought to control the small publishers and digital media. The Opposition has already alleged that the government is trying to stifle voice of dissent in the country.

Another important bill is Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill, 2022, which seeks to provide regulatory framework for Carbon Trading in India, to encourage penetration of renewables in energy mix, and effective implementation and enforcement of the Energy Conservation Act.

Four other bills have been referred to the standing committee: Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Bill, 2021; Anti-Maritime Piracy Bill, 2019; Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens (Amendment) Bill, 2019; and National Anti-Doping Bill, 2021.

The one bill which has been introduced in Lok Sabha but not sent to standing committee is Indian Antarctic Bill, 2022.

The Congress has raised the issue of “unparliamentary” words and Jairam Ramesh had said: “Clarification from @ombirlakota about unparliamentary words doesn’t mean much. In all discussions, media seems to have overlooked that they can’t report on these comments in their dispatches. Also, print media will have to think twice before using these words in their articles.”


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