Participate in Reliance Trends’ RajarajaKumari Contest and Win a Cash Prize of Rs 63,000

Bhubaneswar: Reliance Trends, a leading fashion retailer, has recently announced an exciting competition called Rajarajakumari, offering participants a chance to win attractive prizes and gift vouchers. With a total prize pool of Rs 63,000, this competition has already captivated the attention of thousands of fashion enthusiasts.

The Rajarajakumari competition combines digital spins with a swing in the ring, creating an engaging and interactive experience for participants. To enter, contestants are required to play the digital spins and submit a selfie. The innovative blend of technology and fashion promises an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Already, the competition has garnered a significant response, with 30,000 lucky contestants having secured gift coupons. These vouchers can be redeemed for fashionable merchandise available at Reliance Trends stores across the country. The competition has proven to be an instant hit among fashion aficionados, as it offers a seamless opportunity to explore the latest trends while vying for exciting rewards.

Participants are encouraged to act swiftly as the competition is set to conclude on June 18. With substantial prize money of Rs 63,000 up for grabs, alongside the opportunity to win gift vouchers, the Rajarajakumari competition has generated a wave of enthusiasm among fashion-conscious individuals.

To join the competition and stand a chance to win the grand prize, participants are urged to click on the link without delay. Reliance Trends aims to make this competition an inclusive and exhilarating experience for all, celebrating the spirit of fashion and offering a chance to walk away with not just a cash prize but also stylish rewards.


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