Pawan Kalyan gets angry over ‘Powerstar’ slogans by fans during speech

Visakhapatnam: Telugu film star and Jana Sena Party founder Pawan Kalyan, who has been questioning the Andhra Pradesh government on several welfare issues, had attended a strike aimed at opposing the privatisation of the state’s renowned Vizag Steel Plant.

As Pawan Kalyan was being reasonable, going by his speeches, his fans who were supposed to understand the gravity of the issue happening there, behaved in a contrasting way.

They had brought up Pawan Kalyan’s screen title ‘Powerstar’ as their slogans, which eventually irked their leader.

The angry politician asked his fans not to chant his screen name, which his fans fail to do most of the time.

“I don’t want this title ‘Powerstar’. I have no ‘Power’. How can I be a ‘Powerstar’? I am here to address some important issues. Please cooperate,” Pawan Kalyan had warned his fans.

Sunday’s strike angered Pawan Kalyan, much more than earlier.

Even the inside reports suggest that Pawan Kalyan is not happy with the behavior of his fans. His political supporters also suggest that his fans need to understand that the actor has turned into a politician, and hence must not behave in a way that disturbs his cause in the political events.

“These fans do not vote for him. But, attend the events and chant his screen names, while Pawan is trying to question the government on several important issues. This must change,” one of the Internet users wrote.

While another fan wrote: “See them shouting Powerstar as if it is a movie event. Fans themselves do not understand that his fight has such authenticity, which is to be changed.”


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