PETA’s Valentine Angel in Odisha capital for first time ever!

Bhubaneswar: Valentine’s Day is not just about expressing love, but also showing compassion and empathy towards fellow beings. To stop cruelty against animals and encourage people to switch to a vegetarian diet, PETA is setting lose its ‘Valentine Angel’ in Odisha capital on the eve of the Feast of St Valentine.

Dressed in the quintessential colour of love, complete with white wings, a member of PETA and Animal Welfare Trust Ekamra will give red roses to passersby at PMG Square on February 13 noon, holding a placard with the words, ‘Have a Heart: Go Vegan’.

This is the first time that this Valentine Angel will descend upon the Odisha capital. Every year, this angel visits a city to spread the message of opting for a healthy, vegetarian diet.

PETA’s Valentine Angel in Kolkata
Picture courtesy: PETA India

“Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show love to all living beings by choosing vegetarian meals,” says PETA Campaigns Assistant Ayushi Sharma. “Not only will you be saving the lives of countless animals but also doing your health and the environment a favour. We are really looking forward to holding this event in Bhubaneswar and hoping for a good turnout,” she added in a conversation with Odisha Sun Times.

PETA has been a pioneer in spreading kindness and stopping cruelty to animals over the years. It has resorted to unique and innovative methods for animal lovers on Valentine’s Day with love-themed e-cards, candies, chocolate boxes and temporary tattoos, to name a few.

It also organises campaigns and walks to dissuade people from using fur and leather products, apart from advocating animal rights.

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