Phuluri Tela Seba of Lord Jagannath, siblings for recuperation

Puri: As part of rituals observed during Anasara (the fortnight-long hibernation) of Lord Jagannath and his Divine siblings, Phuluri Tela (a herbal medicinal oil) will be applied on the deities in Srimandir here today.

The ritual is carried out to cure the deities from fever that they caught after taking bath from 108 pitchers of holy water on the occasion of Snana Jatra on June 24.

Pati Mohapatra servitors will perform the ritual after Madhyana (midday) Dhupa today.

The special oil, which comes from Bada Odia Matha every year, is prepared by mixing several fragrant flowers, sandalwood powder, Bena Chera, fragrant rice and camphor. The preparation begins on the occasion of Hera Panchami, the fifth day of Ratha Jatra and stored under the ground for almost a year before it is handed over to the temple for Phuluri Tela Seba ritual of the deities. 

Earlier yesterday, Srianga Phita Niti, a ritual wherein clothes adorned by deities and sandalwood paste applied on their faces throughout the year are removed, was observed in the temple.

The deities, who are on a 15-day-long Anasara stay, would recover from sickness a day before Ratha Jatra to appear before devotees (Naba Jaubana Darshan).

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