PII Electrolyte ORS Nimbu Paani enters Odisha market

Bhubaneswar: PII Electrolyte ORS Nimbu Paani has been launched during the closing ceremony of ‘Let’s Shuttle’, the largest corporate badminton championship organised by Sambad Digital and Radio Choklate, here recently.

Asit Tripathi, former Chief Secretary and Chairman of Western Odisha Development Council, was the chief guest of the closing ceremony.

Monica Nayyar Patnaik, Managing Director of Sambad Group; Tanaya Patnaik, Executive Director of Sambad Group; Kalinga Keshari Rath, Managing Director of Evos Buildcon; Sarat Kumar Sahu, Managing Director of Ruchi Foodline, and Bijay Kayl Managing Director, PII Pharma were present on the occasion.

‘Electrolyte Nimbu Paani’ is a type of beverage that is made with lemon water and electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium that are important for maintaining proper hydration and supporting various physiological functions in the body, company sources said.

Lemon water is a popular drink that is made by adding lemon juice to water. This drink is often consumed for its refreshing taste and its potential health benefits. Adding electrolytes to lemon water can make it an even more effective drink for hydration, especially for people who are engaged in physical activity and sweating a lot or dehydrated, they added.

Overall, Electrolyte Nimbu Paani is a simple and natural drink that can help support hydration and promote overall health and well-being.

“Pii Pharma now takes pride in launching a brand-new flavor of your favorite drink! Refresh yourself in the heavenly taste of lemons with Pii Electrolyte Nimbu Paani. Stay hydrated and refreshed with Pii Electrolyte Nimbu Paani – The burst of lemony freshness and nutrition,” said an official of the company.


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