Pipili By-poll: Know who is the richest among the candidates

Pipili: Congress candidate for the ensuing by-poll to Pipili Assembly Constituency Ajit Managaraj is reportedly the richest among all three contestants.

As per the poll affidavits submitted by the three candidates, Congress candidate Ajit Mangaraj is richest with total assets of Rs 7.04 crore while BJD’s Rudra Pratap Maharathy, son of former MLA late Pradeep Kumar Maharathy, owns assets of Rs 4.86 crore.

Mangaraj has total assets of Rs 7,04,86,402,  which includes movable property of Rs 1,76,94,576.46. He has liabilities of Rs 2,06,51,147. His spouse has total assets of Rs 7,20,12,804, including movable asset worth Rs 97,78,929. She has liabilities of Rs 56,29,027.

On the other hand, 32-year-old Rudra Maharathy has total assets amounting to Rs 4,86,76,411.05 in his name.  While the amount of his moveable assets is Rs 63,76,411.05, the market price of his self-acquired immovable assets is Rs 1,22,00,000.  Besides, the market price of his inherited assets is Rs 3,01,00,000. He has liabilities of Rs 13,50,014.

His wife Jagruti Panda has movable assets worth  Rs 21,35,586.70 and immovable assets worth Rs 16,50,000.

However, the total assets amount of BJP’s Ashirit Pattanayak dose not even touch Rs 1 crore. The market price of his total assets, both movable and immovable, is Rs 87,34,184. His movable assets  worth Rs 43,67,092. Pattanayak has liabilities of Rs 399. His wife  has total assets (all movable) of Rs 31,41,826.07.


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