Pitbull attacks Haryana man’s private part, dog beaten to death

Karnal: In a shocking incident, a 30-year-old man was attacked by a Pitbull dog in Haryana’s Karnal district.

The man somehow saved his life after tamping a cloth into the dog’s mouth.

The man was in his field on Thursday morning when the dog bit the victim’s private part due to which the man was critically injured and admitted to the civil hospital at Gharaunda by the locals. Due to his serious condition, he was later referred to the Government Hospital in Karnal.

The irked villagers, who rescued the victim, beat the dog to death with sticks, to avoid any further attacks.

After the matter was reported to the police, they recorded the statements of the injured youth and his family members.

“The victim was in his fields while the Pitbull dog was sitting under a machine used in the fields for farming. The moment Karan approached the machine to use it, the dog attacked Karan’s private part,” said a police officer.

It is being said that somehow the victim managed to use a piece of cloth lying on the ground to clot the Pitbull’s mouth to save his life but by then he was critically injured.

The villagers nearby heard Karan’s screaming and reached the spot and saw that he was lying on the ground with blood profusely oozing out from his private part. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he is undergoing treatment.

“Based on a complaint, we are trying to find the owner of the dog and will ensure appropriate action against him,” police said.


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