Plane with Indians grounded in France over human trafficking suspicion leaves airport

New Delhi: After a four-day wait, a plane at the centre of a human trafficking investigation departed from a French airport on Monday, reports said.

The grounding of the aircraft left approximately 300 Indian passengers, including a 21-month-old child and 11 unaccompanied minors, stranded as they were en-route to Central America.

“Thank French government and Vatry Airport for quick resolution of the situation, enabling Indian passengers to return home & hospitality. Also for working closely with the embassy team, present throughout at the site to ensure welfare and smooth & safe return. Thank agencies in India, too,” the Indian Embassy, with handle name India in France, wrote on X.

However, they did not mention human trafficking in the post.

On December 21, after a Nicaragua-bound plane carrying 303 Indian passengers was grounded in France over suspected “human trafficking”, the Indian Embassy in France said that an Embassy team obtained consular access and was investigating the situation.

The remarks from the Indian Embassy in France came after reports suggested that a Nicaragua-bound plane from Dubai was detained at a French airport.

In a post on X, the Indian Embassy in France said, “French authorities informed us of a plane with 303 people, mostly of Indian origin, from Dubai to Nicaragua detained on a technical halt at a French airport.”

“Embassy team has reached and obtained consular access. We are investigating the situation, also ensuring the wellbeing of passengers,” the Indian Embassy said.


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