PM Modi hails Odisha tea seller in ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Here’s why

Bhubaneswar: A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his visit to Odisha on completion of four years of NDA government at Centre, he hailed a tea seller from Cuttack in his popular radio show ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

Addressing the nation in 44th edition of his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ programme aired on All India Radio today, Prime Minister Modi acknowledged a tea seller residing in Odisha’s Cuttack while speaking about the significance of tea shop where discussions about several issues including political, social, movies or sports automatically take place with some of the customers.

He talked about D Prakash Rao, a tea seller by profession living in a slum cluster near Buxi Bazaar area in Cuttack city, who is an unsung hero but continues to serve people with his little earning.

“There are some people who go ahead with their work, to bring about a change through their hard work and dedication; they make it a reality. Such is the story of D Prakash Rao, living in the slums of Cuttack, Odisha, who gave up everything of his in order to adopt and realize the dreams of others! Just yesterday I’ve had the good fortune of meeting D Prakash Rao,” Modi said in the radio programme.

Pic Courtesy: India Today

Prakash Rao has set example for many who dream to do something good for society and to serve the mankind. He is the familiar face in Cuttack for his social works. He helps the slum children to get education. Realising about importance of primary education for a child, he has opened a small school (that offers education from class I to V standard) in his slum to provide free education. He has hired a teacher and the entire cost comes from his tea stall earnings.

Even he is the only source of income for his family of four, but he finds selfless service as his ‘god’.

“D Prakash Rao has been a tea vendor in the city of Cuttack for the past five decades. A meagre tea vendor; today you will be surprised to know that the lives of more than 70 children are being illuminated through education due to his efforts. He has opened a school named ‘Asha Ashvaasan’, spending 50% of his income for children living in slums and hutments. He ensures education, health and meals for all the children coming to this school. I congratulate D Prakash Rao for his hard work, his persistence and for providing a new direction to the lives of those poor children attending his school,” Modi said.

He has banished the darkness from their lives. Who amongst us does not know the Vedic shloka ‘Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya’! However, it has been put into practice by D Prakash Rao. His life is an inspiration to us, our society and the whole country. Your surroundings too must be full of such inspiring happenings. There must be innumerable incidents, the PM added.

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