Poll strategist Prashant Kishor’s big plan: ‘Reincarnation of Congress’ to win 2024

New Delhi: Electoral strategy champion, Prashant Kishor while noting the steep fall of the Congress has proposed the “Reincarnation of Congress” to win in 2024.

In an important presentation to the Congress top brass, Kishor has in his theme of “Reincarnation of Congress” talked about �Preserving the soul, Creating a new body’.

The inspiration is the symbols of Nataraja namely Creation, Protection, Liberation, Destruction, Concealment and Connect.

The resolves include to create a new Congress that is the political platform of choice for the masses. Destroy a sense of entitlement, lack of accountability and sycophancy, Kishor says in the presentation.

It notes that perhaps for the first time, the Congress leadership does not appear fully aligned in terms of goals, strategy, method, approach, tactics and the way forward; leading to a complete lack of cohesion, at times confusion and stalemate.

There is a need for a non-Gandhi Working President/Vice President who can effectively work on the ground as per direction of Congress leadership, it suggests.

It advocates a Congress Plus alliance structure with a national character but having 5-6 partners.

The Congress should contest 75-80 per cent of the Lok Sabha seats with a few regional alliances like NCP, DMK, JMM, YSR Congress and TMC.

On beefing up the organisational structure, Kishor has called to identify and meaningfully engage 15,000 grassroots leaders and activate 1 crore foot soldiers across India.

“India Deserves Better” is the theme to build a unified platform to provide strategic support and resources to non-political influencers and mount a sustained campaign against the ruling dispensation.


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