Poultry meat, eggs safe for consumption: Odisha govt

Bhubaneswar: Amid bird flu scare in the capital city, the Odisha Government has assured that consumption of poultry meat and eggs is safe.

“In the context of Avian Influenza outbreak in OUAT poultry farm, people in the locality are now in a state of apprehension to consume poultry meat and eggs. But this apprehension is baseless. All the poultry birds within one km radius of OUAT poultry farm had been culled and disposed of by deep burial method. Along with poultry birds, available poultry materials like eggs and poultry feed had also been destroyed and buried,” the state government said in a release.

“The area within one km radius of the OUAT poultry farm had been sanitized by application of disinfectants. Now there is no restriction in consumption of poultry meat and eggs. People can consume poultry meat and eggs without any hesitation after proper cooking,” the release added.

Notably, avian influenza or bird flu was detected in the poultry farm of the University of Agriculture & Technology here last month.

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