Powerful Winter Super-Foods that You must Eat in this Season

All of us want a life where we can eat anything any day. Thanks to the million food options available out there, it is also quite possible to live such an experience. But is it perfect for you? While hogging on your favorite food items as and when you wish might feel heavenly for a while, it does have its’ share of cons too.

Do you know why our ancestors lead a long and healthy life? Apart from their lifestyle choices, their food consumption patterns were a significant reason. They used to harvest their crops, grow their vegetables, and eat seasonal food. As a result, their bodies got the right kind of nutrition at the right time. 

The atmosphere indeed affects the human body. Well, you can surely use sunscreen or moisturizers to protect your body externally, but how do you see to your internal health? Have you heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” Well, that is exceptionally true and important. 

The onset of the Winter season is here, and it’s time for all of us to pay attention to the nutritional needs of our bodies. We now know the importance of having a robust immune system. Winters are a time when people easily catch a cough and cold. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to fall into that trap at a time like this. So, check out the list of winter superfoods that are a must-have for this season:

  • Sweet Potatoes:

God! We can already sense the warmth and aroma of sweet potatoes in winter. Along with being tasty, sweet potatoes contain twice as much fiber as any other kind of potatoes. They also have a significant amount of vitamin B6, which is good for your cardiovascular health. The high amount of Vitamin C content in sweet potatoes helps prevent flu, viruses, common cold and helps in the formation of blood cells. To help strengthen your immune system, sweet potatoes contain a fair amount of iron. They are a source of potassium and natural sugars. Additionally, sweet potatoes also help in improving your skin health.

Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potato
  • Pomegranate:

This red fruit comes jampacked with antioxidants and nutrients that work wonders for your body. The pomegranate seeds are high in Vitamin K and fiber and packed with 48% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C. The antioxidants help in lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure levels. You can peel and consume the pomegranate directly or blend it to make a glass of fresh pomegranate juice.

  • Dates:

You certainly remember this super-food from your childhood days. If not, you’ve missed out on an immense privilege! I remember how my grandmother used to slice the dates and stuff them with ghee. I would happily relish that during the cold days. Regular intake of dates helps in keeping your body warm during the winter season. Dates are also known to improve bone health, heart health, and digestion. 

  • Citrus Fruits:

As you may already know, citrus fruits are the power source of Vitamin C, which helps strengthen your immune system. These fresh citrus fruits are also a good source of fiber. One bowl of freshly peeled oranges will make up for your requirement of four grams of fiber. They also help in improving your digestive health and aid weight loss. 

Citrus Fruits
Citrus Fruits
  • Bajra:

A part of the staple diet of Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan, Bajra is a millet that has a low Glycemic Index, is rich in magnesium, good for your heart and your cholesterol levels. Bajra is suitable for your muscle health and your skin health too. Additionally, Bajra is gluten-free and has minerals such as iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, and zinc. 

Bajra is the ‘Sharamji Ka Beta’ when it comes to the category of winter superfoods. There’s no way you can stop singing praises for it.

  • Almonds and Walnuts:

It usually is good to have almonds and walnuts throughout the year. Still, in winters, the regular intake of almonds and walnuts ensures and promotes an active nervous system and insulin sensitivity. They are also known to increase the heat levels in your body and, therefore, maintain a right, balanced body temperature during the winters.

Almonds and Walnuts
Almonds and Walnuts


Try including these winter superfoods in your diet for a while, and we bet you will see how it works wonders for your body—wishing you all a warm, happy, and safe winter!


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