Priyamani Raj’s husband encouraged her to act on OTT platforms

Mumbai: Actress Priyamani Raj, who stars as Sakshi in the series “His Storyy”, says that it was her husband who encouraged her to do shows on OTT platforms.

The actress says that he explained to her that the future of OTT is bright.

“During a family discussion, I brought up OTT platforms and how I was considering stepping into this new world. My husband got ecstatic at the offer and helped me see that it was indeed a step in the right direction, considering the OTT platforms entertainment industry as the future industry,” she says.

Priyamani, who has been part of the OTT show “The Family Man” before this, adds that her husband was very excited when “His Story y” was offered to her.

“He has always been supportive of me throughout my career and continues to push me to do my best and was probably more excited than I for ‘His Storyy’, and I am so thankful to have him and his wise words in my life,” she says.

The series revolves around a perfect marriage that falls apart after over a decade when the husband falls in love with another man. Sakshi is a mother, a dynamic working woman and a wife who has her heart broken. The show is about how she struggles to come to terms with her heartbreak and continues to support her family.

The show also stars Satyadeep Misra as Kunal, Mrinal Dutt as Preet, with Nitin Bhatia, and Mikhail Gandhi as Sakshi and Kunal’s children. The series has been directed by Prashant Bhagia.

The show will stream on ALTBalaji and Zee5 on April 25.


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