Purnima on 29 September 2023: Tithi Time, 2023 Dates List

Purnima, also known as Poornima, is a significant lunar day in the Hindu calendar. It refers to the full moon day, which occurs when the moon is completely illuminated and appears as a radiant circle in the night sky. Purnima holds immense spiritual and cultural importance and is celebrated by Hindus across different regions and traditions.

The word “Purnima” is derived from Sanskrit, where “Purna” means “full” or “complete.” Symbolically, Purnima represents abundance, fulfillment, and the peak of spiritual energy. It is believed to be a time of heightened positive vibrations when the moon’s radiant energy augments spiritual practices and rituals.

Purnima is celebrated as a time of divine blessings, and several rituals and observances are followed during this auspicious day. Devotees engage in activities that foster spiritual growth, seek blessings, and perform acts of charity.

Purnima September 2023 Date: September 29, Friday.

Tithi Time: Sep 28, 6:49 pm to Sep 29, 3:27 pm.

On the day of Purnima, devotees wake up early and take a holy bath in sacred rivers, lakes, or at home. This act of bathing symbolizes purification of the body and mind, preparing them for spiritual practices. Some people choose to visit temples or sacred places to offer prayers and seek blessings from deities.

Fasting is another common practice observed during Purnima. Devotees may choose to observe a complete fast or opt for a partial fast, consuming only fruits, milk, or specific food items. Fasting is believed to purify the body and mind, strengthen self-discipline, and facilitate spiritual contemplation.

The evening of Purnima is considered especially propitious for performing religious rituals and prayers. Devotees gather in temples or at home to worship deities and engage in devotional practices. Elaborate puja ceremonies are conducted with offerings of flowers, incense, lamps, and various other items considered sacred.

During Purnima, specific deities are revered based on regional customs and beliefs. For example, Lord Vishnu is often worshipped on Purnima as the preserver and sustainer of the universe. Devotees chant sacred mantras, recite hymns, and engage in bhajans (devotional songs) to invoke the blessings of the deity being worshipped.

Apart from individual prayers, group gatherings and satsangs (spiritual discourses) are organized, where spiritual leaders or scholars share their wisdom and teachings. These gatherings provide an opportunity for devotees to deepen their understanding of spiritual principles, seek guidance, and engage in collective spiritual practices.

Acts of charity and selfless service are also emphasized during Purnima. Devotees engage in philanthropic activities such as feeding the poor, donating to charitable organizations, or providing assistance to those in need. These acts of compassion and kindness are believed to accumulate positive karma and contribute to the overall welfare of society.

Purnima is not just a religious observance but also a time for cultural celebrations. Festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Guru Purnima, and Sharad Purnima are celebrated on this auspicious day, adding a festive element to the spiritual significance.

Overall, Purnima holds deep spiritual significance for Hindus. It is considered an opportune time for spiritual growth, inner transformation, and seeking divine blessings. Through the various rituals, prayers, fasting, and acts of charity observed during Purnima, devotees strive to connect with the divine, purify their beings, and progress on their spiritual journey.

Purnima 2023 Dates List Month Wise: 

Pausa Purnima
January 6th, Friday
Tithi Timing : Jan 06, 2:14 AM – Jan 07, 4:37 AM
Magha Purnima
February 5th, Sunday
Tithi Timing : Feb 04, 9:30 PM – Feb 05, 11:58 PM
Phalguna Purnima
March 7th, Tuesday
Tithi Timing : Mar 06, 4:17 PM – Mar 07, 6:10 PM
Chaitra Purnima
April 6th, Thursday
Tithi Timing : Apr 05, 9:19 AM – Apr 06, 10:04 AM
Vaisakha Purnima
May 5th, Friday
Tithi Timing : May 04, 11:44 PM – May 05, 11:04 PM
Jyeshta Purnima
June 4th, Sunday
Tithi Timing : Jun 03, 11:17 AM – Jun 04, 9:11 AM
Ashadha Purnima
July 3rd, Monday
Tithi Timing : Jul 02, 8:21 PM – Jul 03, 5:08 PM
Sravana Purnima
August 1st, Tuesday
Tithi Timing : Aug 01, 3:52 AM – Aug 02, 12:01 AM
Sravana Purnima
August 31st, Thursday
Tithi Timing : Aug 30, 10:58 AM – Aug 31, 7:05 AM
Bhadrapada Purnima
September 29th, Friday
Tithi Timing : Sep 28, 6:49 PM – Sep 29, 3:27 PM
Ashvina Purnima
October 28th, Saturday
Tithi Timing : Oct 28, 4:17 AM – Oct 29, 1:54 AM
Kartika Purnima
November 27th, Monday
Tithi Timing : Nov 26, 3:53 PM – Nov 27, 2:46 PM
Agrahayana Purnima
December 26th, Tuesday
Tithi Timing : Dec 26, 5:47 AM – Dec 27, 6:03 AM
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