Pushing the boundaries of the arts

New Delhi, May 4:

Art is not limited to paintings. To substantiate this, Artylesque, an art agency, will bring together sculptures, miniatures, pop art, swords, vintage guns and much more in its upcoming art exhibition-cum-auction here.

Pic Courtesy: Twitter
Pic Courtesy: Twitter

The two-day event, titled Triptych Parade, will be held at 1AQ, Qutab Minar from May 7.

“For Triptych Parade, we have expanded the boundaries to create an extraordinary sensory experience for our audience,” said Artylesque founder Rashi Goil.

Sculptures by K.S. Radhakrishnan, Ferrari yacht miniatures, Pink Cadillac miniature car models, Adidas Yeezys customised with pop art, gold foiling and red Swarovski diptych, swords and vintage non-firing guns will be put together at the exhibition, that goes beyond the realm of traditional art to create souvenirs of contemporary art forms.

“The idea of the exhibition is to break the perception of art and showcase more than just art on canvas,” said Artylesque co-founder Harshna Chandolia.

“It is the true essence of our aesthetic and passion for art,” she added.

The evenings at the lawns of the gallery will transform with jazz bands livening up the crowd and the best mixologists from the Vibe Skybar stirring up fancy cocktails with interesting ingredients.

Also on the menu will be Dao, a progressive Asian restaurant presenting a new level of culinary art.

Artists like Vinita Dasgupta, Suchit Sahni, Rohit Sharma, Bahaar Dhawan Rohatgi, Ayesha Seth, Sanuj Birla, Sahaya Sharma, among others, whose works have been featured at the India Art Fair, Bombay Airport and New York art galleries will be displaying their works at the event.

“Triptych Parade with its repertoire of unique art reiterates that art can go beyond the canvas, all the way into cocktail art, culinary art, music, and live art,” said Goil.

Art has no boundaries and the entrepreneurial duo has worked with some of the most talented artists in the country to prove that, they said.

Industrialist Rajiv Goil has generously donated his personal collection of the Pink Cadillac miniature car model customised with the iconic Elvis Presley’s designs for the event.

He also managed to cop the famous Adidas Yeezys and got the shoes customised to suit his love for pop art, which will also be displayed at the event.

Some of the finest swords and armour produced for militaries worldwide, along with vintage guns, will be on display for the collectors.

Street artist Harsh Raman, whose creative work was seen at St+art India’s recent event, is all set to work on an intriguing live installation that will be created at the event and will be available for purchase.

An art connoisseur, Balraj Gupta will showcase a collection of interesting items, ranging from vintage guns to superhero helmets.

While Gupta’s fascination with vintage items reflects in his collection of swords and vintage non-firing guns, his son Prateek’s passion for Hollywood merchandise is evident from his collection.

The duo will put up two vintage guns, a customised Ironman helmet and the Thor hammer from their private collection. (IANS)

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