‘Quality of service, dedication to clients is APMT’s USP’

Cuttack: A step towards development is Sibabrata Rout’s extravagantly fascinating narrative as the founder and CEO of Amarnath Pest Management Technology. He established this professional pest management business at Cuttack in 2010. It serves residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the entire state of Odisha with all types of pest management services. Their main services include the management of termites, cockroaches, rodents, mosquitoes, bedbugs, ants, wasps, spiders, flies, etc. About 80 pest experts have been employed by the business, which has more than 300 commercial and 3,000 residential clients. The company is a member of the Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA), ISO 9001-2015, MSME & NSIC, which let their quality of service even better through these check points.

By safeguarding the health, hygiene, and property of clients, offering an unmatched level of customer service, exemplifying courtesy and respect in every community they serve, and valuing their employees in the same way they value clients, their mission is to provide excellent, proactive, and comprehensive pest control services through their service networks throughout Odisha.

Amarnath Pest Management Technology (APMT) is a 12-year-old organization that employs highly skilled pest control specialists and top-quality chemicals, making their services a barrier against pests. Their reputation in the market is built on the caliber of their services. They have an advantage over their rivals because of their distinctive marketing approach, excellent customer service, and other recognitions like the National Silpa Ratna and National MSME Award in 2022.

Customers give APMT very good marks for the caliber of their service because they strive to serve them honestly and make their lives more pleasant by getting rid of pests from their properties.

After working in various pest control-related capacities for organizations including Ruchi, PCI, and NBHC, Rout had the idea to create his own pest treatment company. He started the business APMT in 2010 after quitting his position as assistant manager (CCPM) at NBHC. The fact that he didn’t even have an office at the time made it difficult for him to register for a TIN. Then he printed a board to get the TIN issued and turned the stairs of his rental home into his workplace. He first had to deliver services to the clients with just 2 employees. The name of Lord Shiva and, coincidentally, the name of his son served as the inspiration for the company’s name.

Rout stated, “that the start was not at all easy as then people were not very aware of pest control techniques and they were not sure if the investment in pest control is worth its costs. We had to educate and spread awareness about pest control techniques and their benefits to get the business. We had to speak to individual customers door-to-door for hours to make them understand it. As the company started with just two workers the initial projects were very small i.e. anti-termite treatments in individual residences. The very first one which we got after some struggle made me a bit worried as the workers were new and I had to guide them from the scratch. And I had to check the treated area personally to make sure that the service was done as per guidelines. The first employee who was with me on that first project is still working with me.

The first big project was a corporate company. By that time as well I could not employ more than 2-3 workers. As the project was big and needed timely delivery, I had to bring workers from outside to deliver the project on time. This was risky but still had to take the risk and guided my workers to take a close look at the other workers and check their work at regular time intervals. Thankfully the project was successfully delivered on time having maintained all quality standards”.

The quality of service and dedication to clients is APMT’s Unique Selling proposition (USP). They consistently make an effort to provide the best service possible by having their pest control specialists treat the bugs in their client’s homes or businesses with top-quality chemicals. Their warranty, which states that “if you have any complaints within the term, your grievances will be handled without a question being asked,” demonstrates their devotion to the clients.

They are fully licensed, certified, and, most importantly, have experienced pest professionals, all of which distinguish their brand. According to the team, the majority of pest treatment businesses lack the competence and licenses needed to handle pest problems.

“The pandemic was a challenging period for us as well. But our team showed up to take the challenge and served our customers. We served our customers by sanitizing their premises and taking care of other pest control duties as well. We also took up the task to sanitize Shramik Special Trains stationed at Nirgundi and disinfected the Temporary Medical Centres (TMCs) of Cuttack district as mandated by the District Collector. Where people were confined to their houses we took the risk of our lives to serve our society”, opines Rout.

He believes the state government’s Make in Odisha project is a terrific way to draw in investors and major corporations. This will open up opportunities for other small businesses to expand, increasing state revenue.

However, the state’s involvement in the pest control sector is not now evident. We ask the government for assistance because we have a broad vision for the future. We request that all pest control businesses operating in the state be required to get a Commercial Pest Control Operator License. As a result, only legitimate pest control businesses could operate within the state. Additionally, we would want to request that the government designate the pest control sector as a unique subset of the service sector. Pest control does not yet fall under any recognized industry classification.

The APMT team’s greatest accomplishment so far has been receiving the National MSME Award 2022 from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This serves as motivation for them to have a more expansive vision for the future, one that includes a manufacturing facility producing chemicals for pest control and cleaning, a pest control service network providing dependable service throughout the state, and a training facility for skill development that will give young recruits the training they need to build a career and support themselves. Only with the assistance of our state government can they make this goal a reality. Land, money, and state government approval are all needed for this project. Sooner rather than later, they will present the project documents to the state government.

Along with this National Award, they also received the National Silpa Ratna 2022 on December 17 at the Katak Satasahi Nrutyotsava. They are greatly inspired by these accolades to push their boundaries to new heights.

He concluded by saying that he has a spiritual bent and is a devotee of the Gayatri Mantra, Lord Shiva, Shiridi Sai Baba, and Lord Jagannath. At the age of 22, he spent around six months at Gayatri Ashram. He learned during his stay not to give up hope in God or himself in the face of setbacks. This also taught him to respect himself and others because everyone possesses a part of God. His life continues to be guided by these teachings on a spiritual path. He was able to rid his body and mind of tension thanks to his spirituality. In addition to this, he engages in charitable activities that include providing aid to the needy, making donations to orphanages, and providing residents with pest control services. He has the vision to formalize Amarnath Charitable Trust (ACT) in the future and carry out charitable services through that trust to explore humanity to its core. He holds his parents in high regard and considers all he has accomplished in life to be a result of their blessings.

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