Rajasthan model’s suicide attempt hints at honeytrap bid to frame Revenue Minister

Jaipur: The recent suicide attempt by a model in Rajasthan has led to the shocking revelation of a conspiracy framed to implicate Rajasthan Revenue Minister Ramlal Jat in honeytrap.

The female model of Jodhpur, who jumped from the seventh floor of a hotel, was ‘influenced’ by Udaipur’s beautician Deepali, who took her into confidence and shot her videos while bathing. Later the beautician with her friend forced her to stay with a state minister in Bhilwara.

The model refused her offer, and then the beautician and her friend started blackmailing her. The model finally escaped to Jodhpur and jumped from a seventh floor building to commit suicide. However, she fell on a car due to which she sustained critical injuries and now is in hospital.

Jodhpur’s DCP Mohan Bhushan Yadav said that accused Deepali and Akshat met Minister Ramlal Jat at Circuit House in Bhilwara in the guise of journalists. This meeting took place on the pretext of discussing some problems.

Some papers were shown to Jat. After seeing these papers, Jat clearly said that this is not a matter related to them. It could not go any further than this. Both the accused were staying in a hotel located opposite the Circuit House.

So far, the police have arrested three persons, including two women from Udaipur in this connection. Of these, two have been identified as Deepali and Akshat Sharma.

It was informed that Deepali did the make-up of the model during Diwali. After Diwali, the model was called to Udaipur for a shoot. About five girls were kept in Udaipur for 15 days. Payment was made to the model after the shoot, after which the model started trusting the beautician.

In January, the model was called for modelling for a sari and jewellery shoot. After staying in Udaipur for a few days, the model was taken to Bhilwara. There, she was made to stay in the hotel opposite the Circuit House. Here a conspiracy was hatched to implicate the minister in the honeytrap. Later the model’s brother filed a complaint and police started the investigation, which revealed that the model was forced to meet the minister to frame him.


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